Akataro Akazaki
Current Age Between 22-24
Date of Birth August 12th
Gender Male
Location Symphony Isles
Class 2nd in command, Police Chief
 Akataro is a character from the Fanon-game, ~Wild World~ . He is a police chief along with Cearul, but is nicer than him by a long shot. He is modest, kind and is always willing to mediate a situation.


Akataro is a moderately tall man,with spiky crimson colored hair, red eyes and fairly pale skin. He wears a tan colored sweater,with a white dress-shirt underneath. In addition he sports a striped red & black neck tie, and a crimson colored Goat-tee.


Akataro is a very kind & soft-spoken man, who is also very clumsy. He tries to mediate situations even when they seem like they can't be solved at all, but in the end they usually work out. He's very incapable of self-defense, but still gives it his all when faced with a difficult situation.

In his FriendClopedia blurb it is stated that he hates the dark, and he'll sometime make noodles,and sneak them to his boyfriend, Rudy.


Akataro doesn't have a defined routine yet,but he will eventually have one in the distant future.



Depending on your actions,you can either have a good relationship with Akataro, or a very bad relationship with Akataro. The choice is entirely up to you.


Cearul is Akataro's police partner and higher-up. While Cearul is brash and very rude, Akataro is kind and sweet. Despite his stern exterior, Cearul cares deeply for Akataro, and wishes only to protect him from harms way.


Rudy is an upcoming character,who has yet to be implemented into ~Wild World~,but he is planned to be Akataro's boyfriend,and eventual Husband in a quest in the distant future.



  • Akataro acts as a good cop,to Cearul's Bad Cop-Ish Behavior
  • Akataro is very clumsy,often doing things that piss Cearul off.
  • He is homosexual and is in a relationship with a Dynamo gang member, Rudy. Rudy has yet to be implemented.
  • Akataro's former name was Aka Rojo. Aka Rojo's name literally translates to: Red Red
  • Akataro's last name is Akazaki
  • When he sometimes patrols,he'll take out 2 strobe light,and start making siren sounds.