Full Name Ajax Terrence ???
Current Age 21 (during the events of Victory)
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Evil Brother
Family and Relations
Aran Leverletto (brother)
Main Weapon(s) The Incinerator
Sexuality Pansexual
Voice Actor(s)
Dameon Clarke
First Appearance Fantendo - Misfits at War
Latest Appearance  ???
Ajax is the sinister robotic brother of Aran Leverletto, who seems to hold a grudge with his fellow brother, willing to kill him. Unlike Aran, Ajax has more then one robot part, all of his limbs are robotic aswell as his face being a 'robotic' face after a brutal attack from Aran. He has a very raspy voice with a robotic echo of sorts. 


Ajax has hair very similar to Aran's (he is his brother after all!) but his hair is a tad bit on the long side. He has two robotic arms (no, they don't have floating fingers) and two robotic legs, finished off with a mechanic facemask. The facemask is made of a dark metal, the eyes being pretty large, aswell. The eyes are a dull red with orange pupils, aswell. He often wears a black suit with a red tie for some reason, and he has not said why. Most times his robotic limbs are shown, the pants and shirt being cut off at where they start usually.

He has a battle suit that pretty much puts him in a mech suit that mechanizes whatever isn't mechanical yet, but doesn't seem to use the suit much.




Fantendo - Misfits at War

Fantendo - Misfits: Starsnow




  • Ajax was unintenionally inspired by Handsome Jack at first, but now shares the same voice actor as Handsome Jack.