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Aiva Koopa
Aiva's New Design as of August 16, 2016
Full Name Aiva Koopa
Current Age 14
Date of Birth May 28, 2002
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Species Koopaling/Retired Aivaling
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Low
Main Weapon(s) None
Vulnerable To Unknown
Height 5'4'' ft.
Weight 100 lbs.
Sapphire Koopa
Voice Actor(s)

Aiva is a 14 year old Koopaling who cares for her friends.


Old Design (Flashstorm)

Aiva appears very different now. She wears glasses now because Emerald wears glasses IRL. Her hair is still cyan and lime, only that it looks similar to Emerald's hair IRL now. She wears shorts because Emerald likes wearing shorts over pants. Her eyes are blue because that's Emerald's eye color. She's now shorter, as she is 5'2 ft.

Old Design (Forte)

Aiva now has a very similar to Emerald. She now has brown, long hair, she lacks "Iggy's Glasses" and had glasses that resembles Nolan Cody Koopa's shades, she wears clothing in a style that Emerald wears, she grew horns with ear rings, and she looks a bit fatter.

New Design

Aiva has a more "colorful" design. She now wears a cyan and dark gray beanie. Her eyes are now cyan and lime. Her head is now a red-ish color. She wears a cyan and blue hoodie. She wears jeans. Her hands, end of her tail, and feet are dark gray. Her nails are cyan. Her shell is cyan with a mix of dark gray and magenta rings.




  • Aiva is pronounce Ava



Aiva is voiced by the creator of Aiva Koopa, OhNoItsAiva.

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