Airship Act 2 is Bowser and Descole's massive fleet of airships. The stage has multiple Acts, each one taking place into different locations of the fleet. This specific one is teh main Airship of the fleet and the largest one. Mario, Pit, Kirby, Link, Yoshi, Fox, Peach, Jigglypuff, Matthew, Zoroark and Professor Layton are playable here.


The main fleet, the Airship, is the largest one in the fleet. It is guarded by huge cannons and shooting weaponry throughout its wings and deck. It has many spotlights because it is very dark. The Airship also features many towers on it where Descole and Bowser reside. The specific stage, in contrast to Airship Act 1, mostly takes place on the exterior part of the Airship. The players start off from the exterior part, pass through the interior, which contains many enemies to defeat as well as many hidden doors, and end up back at the exterior part of the deck.

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