Airship Act 1 is a stage from the Mario series, which appears as a playable stage in The King of Stories. It is Bowser's fleet of airships from the original Mario games. It has many Acts and many playable characters are playable here. You can check the original Airship here.



A model of an airship.

This stage is massive. It features a huge fleet of endless airships, each one having its own crew of Koopas, Goombas and other enemies. Players travel from one ship to another and must find a way to destroy each one, until they pass to the next, ultimately reaching the mothership. The weather in the stage is very dark and cloudy. Act 1 of the stage mostly takes place inside the main ship. It features multiple cells and small harbours for the smaller ships. It has many enemies to defeat. Peach, Purin and Zoroark are playable in Act 1.

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