Artwork of Bowser and the 7 Koopalings on a Airship
The Airship is a common reoccuring area in Mario video games. Typically, the airship marks the level of a boss, where the player will have to travel across the airship to the boss. Airships are usually used as one of Bowser's main forms of transport.

The airship's are large propellor and rocket engine-driven ships that can soar through the sky. They are most commonly equipped with cannons, Bullet Bill and Bob-Omb.

Airships are shaped identical to large wooden ships, however instead of sails they have propellors. On the front of the airships are usually Bowser's face. In New Super Mario Bros. U, each Koopaling got a personal airship which was smaller in size and had the respective Koopaling's head and features on it.


New Super Mario Bros. 4

The Koopaling Airship appears in the last World in New Super Mario Bros. 4 as the Tower Boss (alongside with Bowser Jr. To defeat the airship, Mario must jump on a Koopaling when he or she jumps out of the airship to attack him. Once all the Koopalngs (and Bowser Jr.) are defeated, the Koopaling Airship will spin out of control and explode, giving Mario the key to the final course, Bowser's Castle. Please note that as every Koopaling is defeated, the next one is more difficult to jump on.


  • The official Prima Games guide for New Super Mario Bros. Wii calls the airships "Sky Ships."
  • Princess Peach can be found on the airship in one of the official artworks for Super Mario Bros. 3; however in the game, she only appears in the secret room where she is locked in when Mario rescues her in the end after defeating Bowser.
  • In Super Mario Galaxy, whenever the player spins near the doors of the airship, a coin will pop out.

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