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Airei Veilivy is a secondary main character in Universal Deity. She is known as the Deity of Ice in the Unviersal Dimension.



Airei is a young girl with long back length black hair, and blue eyes. She wears a navy blue Introspection (brand name) fur hood anorak jacket and a light navy button-up shirt with khaki short shorts, long black socks, and Introspection sneakers. She also wears a purple diamond necklace given to her at birth by her currently unnamed mother.


Airei, like many Veilivuarians and those in the Veilivy family is very proficient in Icemancy *Velivuarian icemancy is composed of different spells and techniques involving ice/snow*. She wields the sacred Veilivuarian katana, that she was gifted at birth, known as the Ashrune and, some time during her childhood years, mastered the blade. Airei is also shown to be quite agile, flexible, and quick. She is also quite tough and durable for her size.


The name Airei is a combination of japanese words Ai and Rei. Ai could mean “love” and “asian clothes”, possibly a reference to her love for nice-looking clothes. Rei means “strive”, possibly a reference to her efforts to keep the Universal Dimension safe.


Tier Ranking: N/A


Input & Description
UD - X Input - Airei performs a light forward kick/Combos into itself a few times
UD - Y Input - Airei slices her Ashrune forward.
UD - Z Input - Airei slams the hilt of her Ashrune forward
UD - Straight InputUD - X Input - Airei slices her Ashrune in a diagonal angle downwards
UD - Straight InputUD - Y Input - Airei quickly slices her Ashrune horizontally twice/two hits that combo into each/good combo starter
UD - Straight InputUD - Z Input - Airei slams the hilt of her Ashrune upwards diagonally
UD - Crouch InputUD - X Input - Airei lightly kicks her foot forward/Combos into itself a few times
UD - Crouch InputUD - Y Input - Airei slashes the Ashrune upward and outwards
UD - Crouch InputUD - Z Input - Airei slaps the ground producing a small icy solid area that “trips opponents in the area/good combo starter
UD - X Input(air) - Airei leads forward with the side of her Ashrune
UD - Y Input(air) - Airei extends her leg forward/good combo starter
UD - Z Input(air) - Airei slices her Ashrune forward using one hand
UD - X InputUD - Y Input - Airei slashes the opponent before kicking them forward
UD - X InputUD - Y InputUD - Straight Input 2 - Airei swiftly tosses the opponent behind herself/doesn’t down but leaves opponent vulnerable for a very short time
UD - Straight InputUD - Y InputUD - Z Input - Rune Tag - Airei places a frozen sheet on the opponent that slows the opponent’s movements down, slightly, momentarily/Very punishable if missed or blocked
UD - Straight InputUD - Y InputUD - Z Input - Lead Slide - Airei slides forward leg first/Good combo starter
"|UD - Straight InputUD - Z Input(air) - Ashrune Aerial Locomotion - Airei slashes the Ashrune horizontally-downwards twice incorporating a downwards kick between both slashes.

Note: Specials can be done with X, Y and Z. Y and Z versions of specials are slightly (like, very slightly) stronger and have slightly (very slightly) longer cool-down time than X versions. This does not apply to Macrocosm Drives. Also, only moves with motion + button inputs have Macrocosm versions which are done by inputting the motion + plus two buttons instead of one. Grabs, of course, don't have Macrocosm versions.

Input & Description
UD - QC InputUD - X Input - Arctic Scythe - Airei uses an ice dagger to slash at the opponent/Very high priority but low damage/Good combo starter (! - Macrocosm Version is max priority and slightly stronger)
UD - Cross Input 2UD - X Input - Swift Frost - Airei quickly dashes in the direction inputted after the initial move input producing an icy mist while doing so/Direction must be quickly inputted after hitting button following motion/The distance she dashes is determined by whether X, Y, or Z is inputted after the motion, which Z being max distance/Functions somewhat like a warp/Max distance cannot be used for a while after it is initially used (! - Macrocosm Version is always max distance, no matter what two buttons are inputted after the motion)
UD - Cross InputUD - X Input - Fusion Slicer - Airei slashes upward using her Ashrune held in reverse/Great anti-air (! - Macrocosm Version involves the initial slash, an aerial kick, then a downwards slash)
UD - Charge Down to Up InputUD - X Input - Enchant - Airei enhances her Ashrune using Ice which increases the priority of the next forward normal she uses (! - Macrocosm Version has no physical effect but a new visual effect in which Airei’s aura is a light rainbow mist color instead of the icy blue mist aura produced from the normal enchant)
UD - Half Circle InputUD - X Input - Keen Touch - Airei grabs the opponent before freezing up their chest area using her palm/Command grab properties (! - Macrocosm Version sends the opponent flying backwards as Airei uses much more power, does slightly more damage)
Macrocosm Drive
Input & Description
UD - Cross InputUD - Cross InputUD - X Input - Crystal Cutter - Airei freezes the enemy inside a large mass of ice before rapidly slicing at the ice then delivering a charged-up final blow, breaking the ice.
Universal Macrocosm Drive
Input & Description
UD - Half Circle InputUD - Half Circle InputUD - X Input - Sacred Ashrune Divination - Airei slams the hilt of the Ashrune on the opponent's gut sending the opponent back before releasing the pin at the bottom of the Ashrune's hilt causing the Ashrune to glow a brilliant, bright purple light. She then runs at the downed enemy before holding the Ashrune out and chanting "Geben Sie Licht und die Dunkelheit verschwindet von selbst." (German literally translating to "Give light and the darkness will disappear by itself."). This leads to the opponent emitting an icy mist and different-colored light that appear to do heavy mind damage to the opponent.



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