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Ainina's Video Game is a launch title for the Nintendo DS' successor, the Nintendo Millenium, released March 24, 2010 in Japan, April 7, 2010 in the Americas, and June 30, 2010 in PAL regions. A Wii version is scheduled to be released in Fall 2010. It is based on the popular TV show, Ainina's Adventures.


The game is a side story to the show, taking place between the first and second seasons. After defeating the Master Hand and saving the Fictional Realm, thirteen year old Ainina Ninten said goodbye to all the characters she befriended during the course of her quest. She feels bad about having to leave, so Mario and Sonic come up with a solution, to create a Warp Pipe hidden in her bedroom so she can visit whenever she likes.

Three months pass by, and late one night, Ainina is awaken by something coming out of the Warp Pipe, Megaman.

"I've got terrible news, Ainina!" Megaman said, "Darkman has been revived by Ganondorf! Now they have teamed up to steal the Chaos Emeralds! We need your help, so get dressed, a new mission is about to unfold!"

Starting Characters

Secret Characters

Supporting Characters


The Wii version is compatible with all four control types (The Wii Remote tilited on its side or with the Nunchuck Attachment, the Classic Controller, or a GameCube Controller), while the Millenium version uses both of the console's screens. There are three types of Gameplay, either 2.5D gameplay (The Millenium version uses both screens for this mode), full 3D gameplay (In the Wii version, this mode cannot be played with the Wii Remote on its side while in the Millenium version, the Touch Screen is used as a map in akin to Super Mario 64 DS), or Super Smash Brothers style fights (The Millenium version uses the Touch Screen to show the damage percentage of all players). The Millenium version also uses some stylus based gameplay.


The game's reception was positive for the most part. Nintendo Power gave the game a 92%, praising the game for it's graphics, unique gameplay, and crazy sense of humor, but criticized the camera angles in 3D mode. The game currently has a 96.3% score on GameRankings.

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