Aika Village is an action-adventure horror and mystery game developed by Joker Studios and published by Nintendo for the Ultra Lite and the Nintendo 3DS as a debut game that released as the first game to be on the new system. It was the first game in the Animal Crossing (series) to not be a life simulation game, and to be the most successful game yet.

The game takes place in Aika Village, a happy, fun, and enjoyable dream town that everybody visited. One day things changed for an unknown reason, and the whole town went crazy. To help Villager on his/her quest, Luna, the dream tapir, has equipped a Dream Radar, a device to track down other villagers who are trapped to help him/her on their quest to find out the mystery and discover the truth.


The game takes place in a large, dark village set out in the outskirts of the Animal Crossing world named Aika Village. The town is haunted by various "Ghost Residents" that are being infested around that have been captured by Aika.