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Aidan Koopa




Aidan's original design by Aiva

Aidan in 3D by Eva

Aidan's current design by Aiva

Full Name Aidan Koopa
Current Age 19
Date of Birth May 21, 1997
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Aivaling
Main Weapon(s) Wand, boulders
Element(s) Earth
Height 5'3 ft.
Weight 114 lbs.
First Appearance A.S. Forte
2nd Prince of Gayness (by Roy), Mr.Boulder (by the younger koopalings)

Aidan Koopa is considered the 3rd oldest Aivaling and possibly one of the more innocent ones. He's one of the 4 Aivalings that are gay (or an LGBT), the other 3 are NolanBlake, and Gavin



Beta 1

Aidan had a similar appearance to his 2015 design, except his shell and skin was purple and his rings were orange. He also had lazy eye and some bangs.

Beta 2

Aidan's skin became yellow and his hair and shell changed. Aidan became slightly shorter, his hair changed to a Larry styled mohawk, and his shell became orange with blue rings.


Aidan's hair went back to his old hairstyle, except with no bangs, and he lost his lazy eye (conformed in July)


Aidan had a lot change to him. His hair (only to become longer), head, and shell remains the same, however, he grown facial hair, he've grown taller, he now wears socks, fingerless gloves, and goggles. He also appears to be skinnier.


Aidan is a calm and a favorite to everyone. Aidan usually affiliates with A.S. in the main series or spinoffs, however, if A.S. attacks him, he can get extremely violent and he'll use his telekinesis, he can float in mid air, as well as summon natural disasters (most commonly to Aidan, earthquakes). Other than being violent at rare times, Aidan gets along with many of the other koopalings as well. Aidan is also phychic, and he knows when each koopaling will die, as well as the Earth ending. Aidan is in his Senior year in high school and he has an IQ of 3.9.




  • Aidan is Aiva's mascot.
  • He was the 3rd koopaling Aiva created, however under the name of Matthew von Koopa
  • Aidan originally debutted as an annoying koopaling who usually says memes.


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