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Sahare Eronigo




Aidan Eronigo Reference

Aidan's original design by Sylas

Aidan in 3D by Eva

Aidan's 2016 design by Sylas

Aidan's Eronigo form by Sylas

Full Name Aidan Koopa
Current Age 19
Date of Birth May 21, 1997
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Species Skunk Eronigo
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Medium
Eronigos (formerly), Aiva Sylas (currently)
Height 5'3 ft.
Weight 114 lbs.
First Appearance Aiva Sylas

Aidan is described as the 3rd oldest Eronigo, in between Hypnos Eronigo and Ian Eronigo in age. He is one of the few Eronigos that are traitors and rather does good than evil. Due to his smaller size, he's pretty weak, but he is quick



Beta 1

Aidan had a similar appearance to his 2015 design, except his shell and skin was purple and his rings were orange. He also had lazy eye and some bangs.

Beta 2

Aidan's skin became yellow and his hair and shell changed. Aidan became slightly shorter, his hair changed to a Larry styled mohawk, and his shell became orange with blue rings.


Aidan's hair went back to his old hairstyle, except with no bangs, and he lost his lazy eye (conformed in July)


Aidan had a lot change to him. His hair (only to become longer), head, and shell remains the same, however, he grown facial hair, he've grown taller, he now wears socks, fingerless gloves, and goggles. He also appears to be skinnier.


As of the Aivalings' 2017 reboot as the Eronigos, Aidan's design changed a lot. He is now a skunk Eronigo, resembling a half skunk and half dragon hybrid, as Eronigos are hybrids. He now wears a stripped neckerchief. Due to his colors on his socks and gloves being similar to his body colors, both of them are now lime to match his goggle's elastic. His wings are orange and blue, like his body colors.   






  • He was the 3rd koopaling Aiva created, however under the name of Matthew von Koopa
  • Aidan originally debutted as an annoying koopaling who usually says memes.
  • He was one of the 4 Eronigos that were not renamed