Agresso's Wario Land 7 : Chaos Dimension Appearance
Full Name Agresso
Gender Male
Species Bandinero
Class Enemy
Ability/ies Jumps and falls on the ground to shake the screen
Vulnerable To Ground Pound
First Appearance Wario Land 7 : Chaos Dimension (2013)

Aggressoes are enemies that are giant versions of Bandineros. Unlike them, they have the ability to jump and fall on the ground to shake the screen; if Wario doesn't Jump when the screen shakes, he will get dizzy. If Wario bashes into it, he will bounce instead. It first appears in Wario Land 7 : Chaos Dimension. To defeat this enemy is to ground pound it, deflating it into a normal Bandinero.


  • Walking doesn't shake the screen
  • Their names are puns on "aggressive", and "so"; they received the name due to being "tough" and "giant"
  • According to the game manual, a Bandinero ate a mushroom, doubling their size