Agent Apple
Agent Apple
The leader of Team Fruit Salad
Current Age 16
Date of Birth October 10, 1996
Gender Male
Location Sacramento, California
Current Status ALive
First Appearance Fruit Salad
Agent Apple is the leader of Team Fruit Salad and the main protagonist of the series of the same name.

Fruit Salad


When compared to the rest of his teammates, Agent Apple is considered the calm and level-headed one. He is very mature and wise, and stands for no nonsense from anyone whatsoever. Although he is a serious person, he does like to have a good laugh, and enjoys himself a lot.


Agent Apple is a teenager with messy red hair and red eyes, and some say that he resembles a Red Delicious apple, hence the name Agent Apple! His main attire is always with the colors red and black, usually a red t-shirt, black jeans, and red Converse sneakers.


Agent Apple is related to one member of Fruit Salad, Agent Green Apple.   His twin brother. And his best friend is Agent Orange.