Item Type Glove
Kind of Item Hand
First Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo
Latest Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo

The Age-tsuki is an FBG. It is owned by Ronaldo.


The Age-tsuki is a slim, purple boxing glove. However, the fist curves up to resemble an uppercut. It has a wide opening.


The Age-tsuki's wearer can throw fast and powerful rising punches.


Name Description Effect Damage Gift Points
Uppercut Ronaldo throws a fast uppercut. There is a 40% chance he will throw two, and a 10% chance he will throw three. 30 10


  • "Age-tsuki" loosely translates to "rising punch" from Japanese. Age-tsuki is a form of tsuki, which means "thrust". Various kinds of thrusts are used in martial arts.

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