Agantuk Quote
(17.9, born November 19th)
5'10" Gender: ️ Male
170 lbs Sexuality: Bi

(art by Exotoro)

Agantuk Scyther
(art by Fire Scyther)

NAME Agantuk, the Last Dearthbringer
WEAPON Jewels of Hate, Talons, Light Prisms, Dearth's Stones
ALIGNMENT Neutral, being honest
OCCUPATION(S) Dearthbringer (formally)
Lost Cause (currently)
RELATIONSHIPS Parabola (friends)
Blake (friendly rivals)
Luka (close friends)
Olcia (semi-love interest)
Jinx (allies)
Cesium (rivals)
Zendal (allies)
BIRTH LOCATION Cyaneth's Dearthbringer Womb

Winning a fight, being referred to as strong and/or reliable, all the mysteries of the world, trying on new clothes and/or utilizing new weapons, thinking about love and dreaming about it, being around friends, collaborating in teamwork with them, hugging people he likes, playing fighting games (especially Eternika (mains Lilith), a personal favorite), jamming out to smooth jazz, seafood of all sorts, pasta of all sorts


How scattered his memories are, the extents of his own powers, people hiding secrets from him, being feared by others, being hated by others, the thought of being lonely due to his powers, being referred to as a "Deathbringer", people ragging on him for being a demon, people openly despising demons, people saying all demons are bad, commands and teachings from his Commander, the atmosphere of Cyaneth, Cyaneth cuisine



Agantuk, the Last Dearthbringer, is the main protagonist and leading party member of Morning Sun: Eyes of a Child, where he is the story's main focus. This demon, with a nefarious past shrouded in mystery and a reputation for great evil, was born as the last of the destructive Dearthbringers. He emerges from the galactic prison known as Cyaneth, where he was born and cursed with a special condition that would ensure that his existence, regardless of what happens, never ends. Raised by the abusive Commander of the cage with each new life he leads, he is always sent off to planets to eradicate them and completely wipe away all their life. With the hundreds of planets he's mercilessly obliterated, he's become a well-known universal threat, and millions of individuals consequentially attempt to seek him out and kill him before he gets to win the trust of the world's population, which he tends to turn on every single time he reaches the age of 18. The few thousand deaths he's had to go through always made him rebirth right back at the womb machine found in his home world of Cyaneth, where he is eventually sent again to another planet to cause destruction there down the line.

Despite this history, Agantuk shouldn't actually be confused for an evil or even malicious being. The planet-destructive nature of his personality emerges from his status as a Dearthbringer, and for all the time they've existed, they have always been innocent children that suddenly developed into monstrous, dangerous beings upon reaching the age of 18. Every Dearthbringer is cheated out of a happy existence by having their futures erased like this; these unfairly transformed monsters are ultimately killed by the people who've come to love them over their short, sweet time in their targets of destruction. Agantuk is no exception, but since he has an infinite existence, he is widely recognized as a demon due to the many accounts of destruction on his varying public profiles. Agantuk is, in reality, a playful and innocent person under the skin, being an energetic and often excited childish (and inexperienced) demon that cannot remember any of his past lives barring scattered memories kept from all his past lives of old. Contrary to what most think of him, he is loving, supportive, and respectful of others, and really enjoys making friends and playing games with them. He also likes to think he is a decent wisecracker and joketeller, but he is neither of these things.

In Morning Sun: Eyes of a Child, his main goal initially was to work out who he is and gather as much important information about his past from game antagonist Dr. Naseefa as possible, meeting many friends along the way. His goals evolve and change over the course of the game, including wishing to figure out how to thwart his transformation into his "Morning Sun" persona and how to lay an assault against his own homeworld, eliminating both his Commander and Cyaneth as a whole. He starts off in the game as a playful and childish 10-year-old, and eventually evolves into a person that is afraid of his own power potential eventually starts to live mostly in fear of it. His most important goal is to figure out how to stop himself from going on a reckless rampage when the time comes, even if it means never seeing his beloved ones ever, ever again.


Agantuk's personality evolves and changes over the course of Morning Sun, but the core character remains largely the same. Up until the age of 12, he would be a playful, youthful lad with a ferocious appetite and desire for fun and games - as that's how he starts out every life. During the game's first few chapters, he would make amateur wisecracks and jokes, and would display a fairly large ego. He would occasionally have a suddenly tarty tone of voice at times though, often behaving that way when someone would remark on his childish attitude, displaying a sense of masked maturity. Otherwise, he acted mostly sweet and innocent early on in Morning Sun, and got along well with his allies (especially Parabola, Luka and Olcia). As the game progressed, moments where he would be alone unveiled that his personality ran much deeper than his simple child-like nature. Particularly at night or when sleeping at hotels, Agantuk would ponder the memories that have been kept throughout all his lives, and would see disturbances within dreams that would make his heart race whenever he woke up. He would contemplate and question hallucinations and visions he would see randomly by night that no one else could, and felt little of his youthful or energetic nature in those moments. He always hated to be alone at night, and would eventually start sleeping in a bed with one of the four aforementioned party members so he didn't have to suffer trauma that he can't even figure out the wheres or whys on.

The timeskip between Chapter 3 and 4 unveils that Agantuk has become increasingly paranoid. During the timeskip, Agantuk had learned about who he really is and why everyone's after him, and this caused his fears and realizations to become considerably worse. Though he is still optimistic and enthusiastic about adventuring and trying new things upon reaching the age of 14, he becomes afraid of his own abilities (especially his PSI) and hesitates often when using them due to their destructive nature. He also becomes worried about not finding a solution to stopping himself from bringing forth the foretold apocalypse, and occasionally expresses concerns about entering dungeons or foreign locations as he's not sure if he's doing the right thing anymore. Other than this, Agantuk finds himself to be more free-spirited and mature than ever before, with a lowered ego and lessened childishness letting him have a better grip on reality and the serious things that happen around him. He also has evolved his once-mediocre tarty comebacks when faced with disgust and expresses desire (numerous times) for a love life that would make his "hopefully last" life well-worth the trouble. His personality expands out in other ways in other ways too, like he behaves more feisty when holding the upper hand in a fight, and falls into a small depression whenever faced with something that he just cannot think of a solution to whatsoever. His playful nature becomes more apparent when around friends, often daring them to do stuff with him / against him / for him / etc. or being downright reckless (skating down an icy slope, for example!).

When Chapter 8 arrives (near the end of the game), Agantuk is just nearly 18, and has reached the most mature of his life. He has become more mature and sophisticated, but remains optimistic and energetic like always, though his playful nature has been more limited to him toying around and messing with enemies that attack him or his friends. He tries to approach everything with the best attitude he can by this point, and really doesn't try to throw out any tarty remarks unless he just can't help himself from doing such. Though still the type to play video games and dare friends, he tries to do what he can to keep them safe and out of trouble, as he's paranoid that if something happens to them, it'll be his fault completely. The amount of serious work he has to do in this chapter and at the end of the game somewhat limits his personality scope initially, as he has to be so on-task and focused that he barely finds the time to say anything witty. However, he becomes more open with his thoughts and feelings, and many of the important elements of his personality come with his interactions with characters late in the game. He opens his true feelings with many characters, unveiling his loyalty for Parabola as a friend and person, a great deal of respect for rude and tarty Cesium through the story, and extreme hatred of his former Commander and a clear desire to destroy him. Much of this current personality continues to the end of the game. His fate is unknown, as we're not spoiling the end of the story here.


All of these abilities are explored in Morning Sun: Eyes of a Child. Note that stats, levels, and other miscellaneous stuff apply to that game's details and not his character page.

As a Dearthbringer, Agantuk is easily capable of destroying and tearing down worlds to his liking, though he has to gain these abilities through strengthening and toughing up through the course of Morning Sun. He is also very potent with PSI and holds lethal Demon Powers, which can kill thousands, if not millions of enemies of varying kinds. He also takes commands very well, though he can easily resist against people he strongly dislikes. Due to the curse put on him, if he ever dies, he is simply reborn in a womb machine found within his home realm of Cyaneth.



  • Decimate: Makes Agantuk sacrifice 15% of his HP and PP, causing him to scratch at his enemy over and over and over until they take considerable damage. May cause bleeding.
  • Horrifying Screech: Agantuk cuts away at 30% of his HP and PP, letting out a screech that multiples everyone's Offense, Defense, and Speed by two, while also badly poisoning them all.
  • Immediate Dearth: Agantuk sacrifices 55% of his HP and PP, dealing a rampant, rabid series of clawing, biting, and planet eroding attacks that hit all enemies for lots of damage.
  • Full Assault: Agantuk sacrifices all of his HP and PP, putting the strength of a full planet's destruction into his arms and sending it onto one foe, creating a massive shockwave that can cause any status and damage any surrounding enemies.


  • Aggression: If Agantuk has ¼ of his own HP remaining, his Smash attack power will multiply by three in a temporary 15-second rage.
  • Music beats: When Agantuk uses smash attacks, the player can press the purple action button to the beat of the background music to deal extra damage.


Jewel of Hate (+5 OFF)
Fueled by Agantuk's stored anger. Creates a thin fist-like beam of darkness that damages a foe.
Bronze Talons (+13 OFF)
Allows Agantuk to scratch through a foe with dull nails. The nails have a 10% chance of poisoning.
Foggy Prism (+25 OFF)
Forms weak beams of light that ignore opponent defense. The light has a 15% chance of distracting.
Jewel of Disgust (+32 OFF)
Fueled by Agantuk's stored anger. Creates a thick beam of fist-like darkness that deals respectable damage.
Silver Talons (+46 OFF)
Stronger nails that leave deep wounds in enemy skin. The nails have a 15% chance of poisoning.
Praised Prism (+57 OFF)
A religiously praised object that forms moderate beams of light. They penetrate defense and can distract (25%).
Jewel of Contempt (+65 OFF)
Fueled by Agantuk's stored anger. Creates a wide beam of fist-like darkness that deals moderate damage.
Dearth's Rainstone (+76 OFF)
Summons lethal acidic rain that damages an opponent and has a 30% chance of burning them.
Gold Talons (+83 OFF)
Very sharp nails that can cut through even armor and hides. The nails have a 20% chance of poisoning.
Jewel of Abhorrence (+94 OFF)
Fueled by Agantuk's strengthening anger. Creates many shadowy fists that beat up a foe harshly and without remorse.
Rainbow Prism (+110 OFF)
The strongest prism, it fires highly damaging beams of light. They penetrate defense and can distract (35%).
Dearth's Hellstone (+124 OFF)
Summons lava-made rocks and drops them all on a single foe with a single god-like throw. 50% chance of burning.
Jewel of Odium (+138 OFF)
Fueled by Agantuk's insane anger. Creates storms of shadowy fists that torment and bring dearth to a single foe.
Diamond Talons (+145 OFF)
Razor-sharp talons that cause incredible damage onto an opponent. 30% chance of poisoning a foe.
Dearthbringer Crown (+160 OFF)
The most powerful of Agantuk's weapons. Summons the power from all his previous lives to decimate a single foe.
Apprentice's Clothes (+8 DEF)
Standard clothing worn by Agantuk upon his Zaxinian landing. Worn and old, but a little helpful early on.
Bishop's Armor (+20 DEF)
Medieval armor that Agantuk can wear. Covers his body up from head to toe, but it's laughably weak to fire.
Sexybeast Robes (+35 DEF)
Maybe not fitting for his age, but these robes keep Agantuk warm and healthy and restore +1 HP per second.
Demon's Towel (+47 DEF)
A towel left behind by some mischievous demon. Nice and cozy, nothing more... some resistance to freezing, though.
Nosferatu Armor (+63 DEF)
Looks like an aged vampire wore this, but it's much better than the Bishop's Armor. Very good protection, but weak to light.
Master's Clothes (+80 DEF)
Just like his first pair of clothes, but much more refined. Gives him more critical hit chances and more vitality.
Reallysexybeast Robes (+98 DEF)
Any man or woman would fall for Agantuk's looks! Keeps him warm, restores +6 HP per second.
Deadlight Armor (+126 DEF)
Strong spider-like armor suspected to be formed by Pennywise. 5% chance of instant death to any enemy that attacks.
Satan's Towel (+140 DEF)
A very warm towel left behind by Satan. Bless him please, as it's defensively strong and blocks freezing.
Dearthbringer Robes (+160 DEF)
The strongest armor for Agantuk, this armor is invincible to Piercing and blocks physical attacks well.

PSI moves

PSI Dearth
α - 19PP
Learned at Level 1
Ω - 117PP
Learned at Level 80
One of Agantuk's earliest moves. With a swing of his hand, Agantuk removes all life from one foe's feet, damaging them by 15-30 HP per fifteen seconds with toxic light. Subsequent uses of the move increase the power of the toxicity and damage the enemy by 20-40 HP. Subsequent uses don't use more PP except when the streak is broken. One of Agantuk's strongest moves. With a swing of his hand, Agantuk removes all life from the foes' side of the battlefield, damaging them by 30-80 HP per fifteen seconds with toxic air. Subsequent uses of the move increase the power of the toxicity and damage the enemies by 40-60 HP. Subsequent uses don't use more PP except when the streak is broken.
PSI Edge
α - 11PP
Learned at Level 7
β - 24PP
Learned at Level 24
A powerful slice from an energy-made blade that strikes one enemy. Deals more and more damage with each subsequent use, but resets if another attack is chosen. Does 50 damage, with each use adding 10 more. A powerful slice from an energy-made blade that strikes one enemy. Deals more and more damage with each subsequent use, but resets if another attack is chosen. Does 70 damage, with each use adding 15 more.
γ - 57PP
Learned at Level 54
Ω - 86PP
Learned at Level 73
A powerful slice from an energy-made blade that strikes all enemies. Deals more and more damage with each subsequent use, but resets if another attack is chosen. Does 90 damage, with each use adding 20 more. A powerful slice from an energy-made blade that strikes all enemies. Deals more and more damage with each subsequent use, but resets if another attack is chosen. Does 100 damage, with each use adding 25 more.
PSI Arrow
α - 8PP
Learned at Level 3
β - 17PP
Learned at Level 11
Agantuk fires an arrow of dark light towards an opponent based on his long history, attacking them with minor hallucinations. May cause Piercing, Paralysis, Distracted, or Strangeness. Deals 7 damage per hallucination, and there can be up to eight. Agantuk fires several arrows of dark light towards an opponent based on his long history, attacking them with minor hallucinations. May cause Piercing, Paralysis, Distracted, or Strangeness. Deals 15 damage per hallucination, and there can be up to eight.
γ - 25PP
Learned at Level 36
Ω - 41PP
Learned at Level 50
Agantuk fires several arrows of dark light towards an opponent based on his long history, attacking them with major hallucinations. May cause Piercing, Paralysis, Distracted, or Strangeness. Deals 22 damage per hallucination, and there can be up to ten. Agantuk fires several arrows of dark light towards an opponent based on his long history, attacking them with major hallucinations. Will always cause Piercing, Paralysis, Distracted, Strangeness, or even death itself. Deals 35 damage per hallucination, and there can be up to twelve.
PSI Earthshock
α - 20PP
Learned at Level 15
β - 37PP
Learned at Level 31
Lightly shakes the ground to attack all earth-bound enemies. 25% chance of Distracting foes from using PSI and 10% chance of making them sick from all the shaking. Deals 90-150 damage. Moderately shakes the ground to attack all earth-bound enemies. 40% chance of Distracting foes from using PSI and 20% chance of making them sick from all the shaking. Deals 140-220 damage.
γ - 53PP
Learned at Level 45
Ω - 79PP
Learned at Level 68
Strongly shakes the ground to attack all earth-bound enemies. 60% chance of Distracting foes from using PSI and 30% chance of making them sick from all the shaking. Deals 230-300 damage. Powerfully shakes the ground to attack all earth-bound enemies. 80% chance of Distracting foes from using PSI and 50% chance of making them sick from all the shaking. Deals 320-420 damage.
α - 12PP
Learned at Level 28
Ω - 43PP
Learned at Level 57
Agantuk holds himself with glowing talons out. When attacked physically, Agantuk will spit in rage and throw back the attack at 50% the power. Agantuk holds himself still with extremely bright glowing talons out. When attacked physically, Agantuk will spit in rage and throw back the attack at 50% the power towards every enemy, even the ones that didn't attack him.
Offense Up
α - 17PP
Learned at Level 20
Ω - 48PP
Learned at Level 60
With a great demonic howl, Agantuk raises his own Offense significantly, giving him very strong Smash attack buffs. With a great demonic howl, Agantuk raises his whole team's Offense significantly, giving everyone very strong Smash attack buffs.
Defense Up
α - 22PP
Learned at Level 20
Ω - 53PP
Learned at Level 60
With a roar of great hidden rage, Agantuk raises his own Defense significantly, giving him stronger resistance to attacks. With a scream of great hidden rage, Agantuk raises his whole team's Defense significantly, giving everyone stronger resistance to attacks.
PSI Takeover
Learned at Level 64
Agantuk invades an opponent's head. He has a 50% chance of entering it, able to take over the opponent's body and instantly removing them from the battle. Agantuk can then select from any of his opponent's moves, or cut the brain support and return to battle normally.
Beast Power
Learned at Level 41
Agantuk unleashes his or another party member's inner spirit, halving the cooldown time he or his teammate has on their attacks. Encourages the receiver to go feral.



Agantuk is personally very fond of Parabola, but worries for her sometimes due to her strictness and harshness upon herself and goes out of his way to protect her from her own personality at times. When she's nervous or having a harsh time, Agantuk likes to sit down next to her and hug - which is how they get along quite a bit at first. Though Parabola has been a strong critic of Agantuk's personality early on the adventure, she did manage to soften up and become more open and free over the course of the time thanks to his charisma and helpfulness. In return, Agantuk grew up and matured based on the wise things Parabola always had to say to him or his team. Though he occasionally teases Parabola for not being much of a fun-lover, he does like her a lot and is determined to keep their relationship.


At first, Blake and Agantuk didn't get along very well. Blake thinks much more sharply and seriously than Agantuk does, which impacted their relationship much at first because of Agantuk's easygoing, childish nature. They squared off a few times early in the game prior to Blake finally agreeing to join him, seeing that he wasn't really doing much to begin with (he always messed up being a superhero). Though the two still didn't see eye-to-eye much throughout the game, arguing on what to do next as far in as Chapter 5, they stopped being hostile to one another and befriended each other when Blake Cooper saved Agantuk from what would have been a fatal blow by a "Black Angel". By the last stretches, the two get along similar to how Sonic and Shadow do in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.


Luka and Agantuk get along extremely well, and have been great friends since the moment they met. Both of them, with wild, primitive instincts, play lots of games together over the two timeskips featured in Morning Sun and generally agree on many things. While Luka can express annoyance when Agantuk intrudes on her inventive mind and vice versa when Luka sneaks into his room randomly to snatch supplies, they almost never get mad at each other. Though Agantuk is not deeply interested in Luka or anything, Luka is very much interested in his potent power and capabilities - many of her inventions following Morning Sun are based off what she learned from the insane inner abilities of Agantuk. Whenever Agantuk is bored, he would often be seen fooling around with a toy given to him by Luka.


Agantuk's feelings about Olcia were initially rather mixed early-game, due to him being personally creeped out by Olcia's very frequent sacrifices to Lupin and her generally unpredictable behavior. Olcia never really paid much mind to him at first either, having preferred to keep to herself and her religion. However, their relationship rapidly multiplies throughout the game, with the two becoming much more of close friends following Agantuk's grown interest in her sacrificial hobbies and occasional participation in them out of his own curiosity. Olcia eventually starts believing that Lupin would want her to train with him, making her travel often alongside him and even occasionally put her hobbies aside for the sake of adventure. Agantuk develops a crush on Olcia in the late-game, but is afraid of expressing it as he's generally afraid he'd either destroy their friendship or piss her off (or both).


Agantuk and Jinx get along fine enough. Jinx is rarely ever amused with Agantuk's antics and refuses to involve themselves in them unless it was absolutely necessary, which forced Agantuk to distance himself away from them. They even go as far as expressing that they hate him, which hurt their chances of friendship even more. Over the course of the game, however, Jinx starts showing regret for their closed-minded nature and starts to try and catch his attention, though rarely succeeds due to Agantuk being rather angry with them. Near the end of the game though, they both apologize and become more of allies together. Of the seven allies he gains over the course of the game, his relationship with Jinx is the weakest - though they'll occasionally exchange smiles.


Agantuk and Cesium are outright rivals. Right upon the moment they meet, Cesium tries to smash up and decimate Agantuk to remove him from the Zetown Mines, knowing him as an "enemy from the stars". After supposedly having died in the minds, she appears again in the Shuttle Port, where she is severely wounded. She only joins Agantuk on his travels due to the fact that he had "bested her" and that she wishes to learn her "purpose" from him. She apologizes profusely to Agantuk as she warms up to him, though she greatly fears that she ruptured their relationship forever due to her hastiness. While they eventually make up near the end of the game, she still feels miserable, and "disappears forever" in the postgame - which is assumed to be because she doesn't want to make Agantuk mad anymore. He misses her being in the team, however, due to her usefulness and willingness to keep her team alive.


Agantuk and Zendal are nothing more than allies. After being picked up from Sigmist, which is explored very late in the Morning Sun story, his interactions with Agantuk are minimal at best. They display no like or dislike towards each other; more-so cooperation. Zendal is mostly interested in paying his loans, but notices later that he's kind of stuck as part of the gang - and as such tries to keep close to Agantuk as if to prevent himself from getting attacked by the same individuals who paid for his education. Agantuk prefers being around the other individuals of the team, including Cesium, but this is no problem to Zendal, who easily befriends Jinx and Cesium (to a degree) thanks to his different nature from Agantuk's. Like Cesium, he disappears at the game's end - likely to pay his overdue loans. But who knows?


  • The story of Agantuk is highly inspired by the Angry Video Game Nerd EarthBound video, specifically the part where he compares his theory of Mother series antagonist Giygas to the Black Sabbath song "A National Acrobat", which is also one of Athena's favorite tunes of all time.
    • Some of his development echos the thoughts of RelaxAlax on the game, who personally felt that Earthbound made him happy during a time where he needed it most. Director Athena Hawkins felt the same way, believing that EarthBound and Mother 3 were chock-filled with personality and love, and decided to make Morning Sun a loving tribute to the series as a whole because of this.
  • Agantuk's childish, youthful reflects the innocent nature of Ness in the Mother series, though unlike Ness, his character evolves and changes considerably throughout the game.
    • It also somewhat reflects on the growing and changing aspects of Athena Hawkins as a person, taking into note how youthful and childish she used to behave, and how she evolved to be more mature and expressive as an adult, which Agantuk reflects in the final stretches of Morning Sun.
    • Design wise he was partially based off Cloud Strife as he appeared in the original Final Fantasy 7. Helena designed him like this to fit in more with her other Lifts designs but also to hint that his true nature, as Cloud is revealed later on to be a former infantryman of Shinra and has his memories tampered with so he remembers himself as the hero he wanted to be. Likewise, Aragantuk must recover information about himself and learn to become more of a hero despite his original evil nature.
  • The EarthBound text box on the top of the page was chosen instead of a standard {{Quote}} template due to the fact that Morning Sun is a homage to the Mother franchise as a whole.

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