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After the End is a miniseries released by Purpleverse Inc. It has an ensemble cast, with each episode divided into three segments, each segment focusing on a certain storyline. The first episode was released on June 2nd, 2010.



  • Mick Cool - Desperate, tired, and starving, Mick makes a deal with Groudous Maximus in order to save the other Micool Guys. He is killed by Oshtyo (who is under the control of Suzanne and Mary) in Episode Four
  • Oshtyo - Hardened by the trials of living in the Wasteland, Oshtyo has become a cold and calculating scientist, dedicated to restoring the world to its former glory. Unfortunately, his method of saving the world involves experimenting on living subjects.
  • Clyde - Tired of fighting without a clear winner, Clyde has set off to kill those who've damaged the city the most.
  • Timer - Ever optimistic and friendly, Timer is on a mission to save the city. He died in Episode Four.
  • Princess Gardenia - Slightly paranoid but holding up better than most, Gardenia's cautiousness keeps her alive in the Wasteland.

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