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Afropalooza! is a fighting game that is made by Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc). The game for the purpose of showcasing various video game characters that the creator has previously scrapped from games such as Super Smash Bros. Universe, along with characters that did make the cut. The game also features various characters from other types of media such as books, movies, and TV shows. Unlike other games made by Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc), Afropalooza! does not features a story mode. The reason for this is currently unknown.


Starter Characters
Luigi Daisy Diddy Kong Dixie Kong Lana Midna Terry Bogard Misty
LuigiAfropalooza! LanaAfropalooza! MidnaAfropalooza!
Kate Alen Lily Flyer Digi-Boy Inkling Leon Scrooge McDuck King K. Rool Serena
Homer Simpson Steve McGarret Danny Williams Lou Grover Tom Sawyer Dorothy Finn McMissile Marth
Ned Flanders Sir Topham Hatt Popeye Cuba Madea Judge Judy Jack Box



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