The planet Aether from outer space.

That Dasha Galaxy...and Aether...who knows if they're even in this universe?
Snexon, Metroid Prime 4

Name: Aether
Location: Dasha Galaxy
Discovery Date: 2XX4
Mass: 5.6 trillion teratons
Class: XXI Planet
Size: 32,000,000
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen.
Distinct Features: Features a "dark" version of the planet that lives parrellel to its light counterpart.


Aether is a planet racked by 2 forces rallying over control of the entire world. Nestled in the forbidding Dasha Galaxy, it is a planet located within Galactic Federation boundaries. Even still, the world remains relatively remote. During the planet's past, the world was settled by the race known as the Luminoth. These enlightened beings worked hard to create a utopia that worked with the environment, much like their Chozo allies. For a time it was good until the Luminoth detected a Phazon Meteor similar to that which crashed into the Chozo colony world of Tallon IV set on a collision course with their world. They tried to stop it but their efforts were in vain. Upon impact It altered the geography of the planet, but most crucially, the Phazon within the meteor caused the impact to release a tremendous amount of energy. The very energy release by the impact caused a rift in space and time which split Aether into a Dark World and a Light World .


Much of Aether is mountainous with deep ravines and cliffs, as well as large and strange rock formations. The most distinct feature of the planet is the presence of a "dark" parallel world to the normal "light" realm. This dimension was created when the phazon meteor struck Aether. Matter and energy from the "light" or regular world is rapidly corroded by the atmosphere here. This has given to speculation that the Dark World is a universe completely made up of anti matter. This is because when matter and antimatter react they completely destroy each other, leaving only photons. This is probably the cause of the corrosive effects on Dark Aether. For the anti matter particles in Dark Aether are constantly reacting on energy and objects from the Light World, which are made from matter, when they enter the Dark World.


Aether in its natural form houses a wide variety of ecosystems. Ranging from bogs, swamps, marshlands to a vast desert wasteland. Though the wasteland was not always so. Before the meteor hit it was a vast grassy plain that was home to a great majority of life. In general, the life on Aether seems to be of what is expected of a Class XXI planet. Life on "dark aether" is a whole other matter. Life on this plain of existence is dark and twisted, often a mockery of its light counterpart. The very fact that the air itself in this dark realm is a poison to those lifeforms not suited for has been more incentive for life to become more harsher and cruel.

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