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A 6-limbed cubivore with a tail of 2 meat flaps
Full Name Aero the Cubivore VI
Current Age 20 (Cubivore years), Pi (Human years)
Gender Male
Location West Cappy Town
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Four Fangs (Allows him to eat five meat flaps at once)
Ability/ies Pouncing, Biting, EATING!!!
Vulnerable To Lack of Stomach Points
First Appearance Kirby Deluxe Journeys Chapter 10
Latest Appearance Aero the Hungriest Cubivore known to The Universe

Keeby Snipe Flammabokirby Noob Lightning Splash Voltage Crazy Chaos

Family and Relations
Waddle Dee (Kirbys' neighbor, and Aero's enemy)

Kirbys (Current Pet owners)

Aero the Cubivore is a really hungry one that appears in Kirby Deluxe Journeys. He calls the Zebra Portal home because it leads to the world of the Cubivores. He has one of each color of the rainbow for his meat flaps. 5 of them each have a raw meat, such as his left hand with the Raw-Paw. The only meat flap without a raw-meat is his right foot, which he got by snacking on a Redaped. He also is extremely famished, as in his game.

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