Full Name Ælfsige Bereimul (Aelfsige)
Current Age
Current Status Alive, Contained
Main Weapon(s) Core of Balance (formerly)
Ability/ies Interdimensional transportation, Matter manipulation

Aelfsige (Ælfsige), formerly known as The Beyond Beast, is an interdimensional travelling diety who formerly devoured universes to fuel his power, but was locked away by a group of dimensional warriors to avoid further destruction, rendering his powers almost useless and his time of reign over.

He formerly had use of the Cores of Balance, four ancient runes that held all knowledge of the universe, but it was lost after the core had shattered into pieces, scattering across the multiverse. As of now, he only has 1 of 7 pieces.

For thousands of years, he has been locked away in a concealed universe, locked away. Though, he continuously tries to open up a rift to reclaim the Core of Balance and resume his universe devouring.


As The Beyond Beast, he was a massive humanoid capable of devouring whole universes. Purple mist flows throughout his body, looping in through cracks in his body. On his chest is a large hole, holding the Core of Balance. His eyes and mouth, never moving, are completely purple. He has curved horns on the top of his head. He was able to shift his body freely and reinforce himself by crystallizing the mist into armor-like rocks.

As Aelfsige, he is an robotic figure, fastened to a throne, unable to move. The armor restraining him always glows purple, holding back the destructive mist from escaping. He is able to take the form of a spectral being, though he is still heavily concealed in the universe.