"Yes it is I, The Ultimate Veger! My voice is epic as Xeohanort... No doubt you all remember me as the creator of the First Island-Tizer Machine!"-Veger's introduction in Back In Action

Adviser Veger

Adviser Veger

Advisor Veger
is the Secondary Antagonist of Skip and Sqak, Where he serves as Emperor Dante's servant and assists him to take over the universe. He appeared in other games either cameo or playable. He is later one of the Main Antagonists of Skip and Sqak Back In Action (the other Professor X2).

Skip and Sqak

Advisor Veger was first seen in Dante's throne room during the Great Pond cutscene trying to plan an invasion until he is interrupted by Dante, who had planned to plant a hive to keep the island on their rule. He is later seen at the Great Pond Boss summoning a Tractor Bot on Skip and Sqak. Veger appears on some islands summoning the boss in the level he is in.

In Mouse Kingdom, He led an army of ants to attack the mice village.

In Sunny City, He was controlling The Ant VX 1.98 saucer to destroy the city.

In Battle Feild, He was the commander of the base and waits for his giant laser to recharge so he can blow up Duckleg's Base.

In Spooky Swamp, while Sqak was fussing he sneaks up on Dolly Molly, pulls the string on her back, and disappears right before the cute doll turns into a Giant Demonic Version of herself.

In Ant Air Base, He set off the Bomb Blimp Ready to drop a bomb on Sunny Villa and gets away.

In Hisuka Tataneeakloa, He finally fights the duo face to face and gets defeated. Skip sees a Crystal Eye attached to Veger's hoverchair, so he pulls it out. Causing the chair to malfunction and blasts Veger high up in the sky, never to be seen again.

Skip and Sqak 2

Veger does not appear in the sequel, but he is only mentioned once by Grubber who said "Wish I was working for Veger" after X2 left him in his office.


Veger somehow survived his fate and starred as a racer in Skip and Sqak Racing driving in his Hover Chair from the first game. According to the instruction booklet, Veger's chair sent him blasting so fast he came into the 600th Millenium.

His Hover Chair allows him to gain a free boost for a short period of time.

In his ending, after winning the race Loki Locust claims Veger is disqualified due to his Boost ability. Veger tried to explain, but the security ants believe Loki and strip his prize. Leaving Veger sobbing on the floor.

Skip and Sqak Soccer

Veger makes a cameo in this game in the crowd watching the soccer game.

Skip and Sqak World

Veger doesn't appear himself, but his voice can be heard in the games credits.

Back In Action

Veger later appeared as one of the Main Antagonists of this game, where he builds the Ant Pod to mind control everyone on earth so he and Professor X2 will rule the world. After X2 fired the SSSSS, Veger is his first ally, making him the head of the operation.

He brags that he invented many things, like slinkies, lines, and even endings. When Skip, Sqak, Croco, Tubby, Cynder and Robin came to his junkyard lair, Veger orders a mind controlled Dib to attack them. When redeeming the chimp back to normal, Veger is forced by Queen Aleena to tell them where they are getting power for the Ant Pods. The gang saved Dib, and Veger flees to the Space Station. He and X2 were defeated by the gang at the end of the game.