<Adventures of Princess Daisy

This is the list of weather in Adventures of Princess Daisy.

Weather Description
Sunny Every thing is normal in this weather. This weather is common.
Rainy In this weather, there are a lot of slippery puddles. This weather is uncommon.
Snowy In this weather, the water is frozen and you can skate on it. This weather can make some Bloom Shards uncollectable untill the weather goes away. This weather is uncommon
Spores This weather makes bouncy mushrooms pop out of the ground with spores. This weather is uncommon.
Tsunami This weather covers the entire weather with water! This weather is rare.
Meteor This weather causes meteors of various sizes fall onto the ground. This weather is rare.
Spore Winter This weather combines the Snowy and Spores weathers. This combines ice and bouncy mushrooms. This weather is really rare.
Windy This weather blows really hard, blowing enemies and other stuff in a direction. This weather is common.
Candy Rain This weather has pieces of candy falling down, allowing Daisy and friends to wall jump on. This weather is rare.

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