Adventure Time ZX is a 2016 reboot of Shroob12's Adventure Time ZX TV series based on the comic-book. It is created by The John Studios, collaborating with TMS Entertainment, aired on Cartoon Network Japan and America in August 5, 2016. Instead of being half-adventure, half-comedy, it takes influences from Record of Lodoss War, Slayers, and Attack on Titan. It also addresses problems that the original had, such as pointless plot points, randomized characters that dosen't fit well and chapters that makes no sense, so it was rebranded as a sequel to Adventure Time.

Changes from the original

  • Finn is no longer President Nightmare and Ashling's son, and the surname Petrikov is removed.
  • Flame Princess, Jake, and Dirt Beer Guy's son, Root Beer Jr. are now members of The Mushroom Squad, replacing Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Natsu, and Sonic.
  • Nightmare's backstory was rewritten.
  • Mobius is no longer the main part of the story and instead, it went to the Land of Ooo.
  • The Nightmare Enterprises was changed from a Company to an Organization, and is the only antagonist to appear in every seasons, so there's no sub-groups at all, except N.O.C.T.E.M.
  • N.O.C.T.E.M. is no longer releated to The Nightmare Enterprises.
  • Some of the characters where removed (Mario, Natsu ect.) and redesigned (Nightmare, SWATBot (renamed to Robot Cops) ect.) to fit the style.


Mushroom Squad

  • Finn
  • Jake the Dog
  • Flame Princess
  • Root Beer Jr.

Candy Kingdom

  • Princess Bubblegum

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