Adventure Time ZX is a american-japanese Anime/CGI animated comedy-adventure-action series created by Shroob12 and aired on FRF Channel's syndicated block, Action Attack! in October 2013. The series stars Finn, Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Yoshi as they saving Mobius from Lord Nightmare and his evil plans.



Long ago, the Smashers were free to anything and dream for the Ancients. President Nightmare turned Mobius into a place of terror. Smashers tried to prevent it but President Nightmare stopped them. realizing smashers were a threat, President Nightmare has ordered that all smashers shall be Arrested because he fears that they are in his way of conquering the world. SWATbots rampaged all the villagers with every smasher in Mobius. Some people were robotocized and the others retreated. Nightmare invaded a Volcano and stole the Master Emerald after fighting Gold Master. Gold Master fortold the Prophecy, but Nightmare kicked him off a clif and the Adventure Begins with the Prophecy:

"When 5 Smashers will Answer the call, A warrior will rise to create an Army of Nobility and fight your Notorius Army and twart your plans."

-Gold Master.

Season 1 (Nightmare Enterprises Arc)

Finn gets ready to go to work with Sonic, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi and listens to President Nightmare's speech. Finn later discovers the Resistance Power and Gets caught by Mecha Sonic and the SWATbot police. 

They head to the Jungle South and Meet Gold Master and speak to him about the Prophecy. Finn heads in to get some training. Sonic tells the story of why smashers were hated by President Nightmare. 

Meanwhile President Nightmare walks to his office greeting all his employees. Raidar-411 tells him that Mecha Sonic is in his office. President Nightmare confronts Mecha Sonic and asks him if he has Finn. Mecha Sonic says no and Nightmare expreses his anger to Mecha Sonic then Shows off his secret weapon the the TACO DOODLE DOO (a humongus tank with 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 subspace bombs) Nightmare shows Mecha Sonic his wife and baby boys frozen saying to him hunt down Finn the Human. 

Then they head into the town and realize the inhabatants of the Jungle south act like people in the Old West so they try to blend int only to get caught by Mecha Sonic, The Beagle Boys with Scratch, Gounder and Coconuts. they have a chase and end up in Smasher Santcuary and meet lots of Smashers. Gold Master calls all smashers to order but then The Nightmare Supreme Fleet attacks the Santuary and destroys it. 

Finn and the others plan to raid Nightmare Enterprises and attack it. They sabotauge the members of the company to destroy the Taco Doodle Doo and return the Master Emerald but they were caught by President Nightmare. They are reported to the Robotosizers and Gold Master gets shot by Nightmare and Finn screams while he and the others are taken to the Robotosizers. Finn realizes that he is awesome and he breaks free and the Smashers run through the corridors of Nighhtmare's HQ. Finn and his pals look like they are captured by Wally the Weasel but it's really a Dark Gaia Minion as Sonic, A Dummy as Yoshi, Dr. Buttocks as Mario, BUTler Ghost as Luigi and Ice King as Finn the Human. The Heroes race to Tornado-X and head through a warp to Ghost Land.

At Ghost Land, Sonic realizes that they are in Ghost Land and tells the Smashers to get out but Betrayus, Ghost Boss and the Goul-Bots catch them revealing they work for Nightmare, then the Ghost Gang, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde and Inky save their hides from the Evil Ghosts and head to Delfino Plaza to find themselves in an Invasion war that they must stop. Sonic, Knuckles, Julie-Su and the Chaotix (Espio, Charmy, Vector & Mighty.) fight off and invasion of SWAtbots and Finn rampages the Destroyer (Nightmare's supreme Ship) and Finn fight's Dr. Eggman to resist deciding the decision of Galleom or Metal Sonic Kai to destroy Delfino Plaza. Blinky fights them off and saves Robotroplis and Delfino Plaza and Finn runs to Nightmare and Fights him and defeats Nightmare with the ultimate power.

Season 1/2 (Ghosts of Fire and Darkness Arc)

Finn and Ace's fiance try to figure out the fate of Ace's father Gary and her Paternal Grandfather. She enters the Ghost world and finds out her Paternal Grandfather was robotosized and Gary was Robotosized too. Ace's Fiance after the quest contacts Ace.

Meanwhile Shadow and Omega catch eclipse the Darkling ontop of the master Emerald as Knuckles tries to get him off. Shadow, Omega and Knuckles fight Eclipse for the master Emerald. somewhere else Dante tasks herself to find bounty hunters who are perfect for replacing the 12 SWATbots Nightmare tasked to hunt down Magic Man, Barney and Elmo, the Koopa Bros and Nack's gang aren't good opitions because they are currently fighting each other like crazy, then Dante goes to a scecret corridor of the Bounty Hunter tower and meets a suprising character (Sticks the Bager). Shadow, Knuckles and Omega try to beat Eclipse the Darkling until one of Nightmare's Sub-Bosses Eggboss Thunderbolt arrives with a squad of SWATbots at her aid then helps Shadow, Knuckles and Omega beat up Eclipse the Darkling as Eclipse runs away.

Finn and the Time Ancient use Humozai to go back in time to experience the Smasher Arrests and how it affected him.

Look up Smash Bros Fusion Prolouge for more.

Finn and the Gang go parting on a Cruise Ship but get raided by Wario, Waluigi and Nightmare Policemen but the raids fail, and the gang goes partying he got for his birthday in which Nightmare gets mad about.

Season 2 (The Litch and Zeti Arc)

After Partying on the cruise ship, Finn and the others relax but only to destructive mayhem when evil monsters rise and attack people. Finn and the Gang run from the monsters knowing it will not be good to face them. the Gang gets info from Tails about Sir Comfrence and they meet him and he explains that Nightmare has caught him and running from Nightmare's security forces. Sir Comference explains that the force controling them is Dark Gaia but Dark Gaia is working for someone who has a grudge agianst all Finn realizes it's the Litch. Then later Nightmare brainwashed the Zeti ordering them to attack Finn and the Gang. The Zeti fight Finn and the Gang but Finn looses and wins later on when he fights back and heads to Ottomokoo.

Finn and the Gang head to Ottomokoo and discover stuff about the Litch's orgin and how it affected the Smasher arrests with the info of The Dark Chaos Emeralds, then the Battle Bird Amarda invades and attacks the Gang's studytime in Ottomokoo. The Bird Philosophers save them as the gang heads off to Dino Island until they run into and fight 2 Robots and get their butts kicked and saved by an Assassin named Wind of Shadow. The Gang continues their way to Dino Island.

Meanwhile Under Bowser's Castle, the Zeti meet the 1st born Zeti whom is DARK GAIA revealing how he is working for the Litch which also reveals that the Zeti are also The Litch's minons. The Litch appears and reveals the Zeti as his children but don't realize that they are being watched by Nightmare and his employers in Bowser's Castle.

Finn and the Gang travel to Dino Island, Sonic contacts his fiance Breezie, whom is which the girl hedgehog who is currently Sonic's fiance and the head of an entertainment empire in North Mobius. Breezie was caught contacting Sonic by Zeena and killed her with the Wind of Shadow and contacts Sonic that she got one of the Dark Chaos Emeralds. The Gang heads toward the Fire Realm in Northwest mobius only to discover that it is under control of the Kremlings who are working for Nightmare and Wind of Shadow is trying to stop them but is distracted by a rival called Djin of Fire.  

The Gang escapes and finds out Wind of Shadow is an assassin named Greninja and The Djin of Fire was a woman named Ashling who looks like Ms. Kumuti of the Red Guys. Ashling says that she is Finn's mother as he did not believe this rumor and the duo gets busy when Zavok arrive to face Wind of Shadow and Ashling as they duel them and Finn escapes Nightmare's forces to the Earth realm. Meanwhile in the Earth Realm Shadow, Dark Gaia and his minions fight the Yagyu with the Raiju as Finn and the gang steal the 5th Dark Chaos Emerald and frees some slaves to the Yagyu Clan whom are Tanooki Crabs. Finn and the others send the crabs to another place.

Meanwhile, Breezie speaks with Lupe the Doggat in a talk show with Hal, Jeff, Hulk Hoogin the Echidna, Solarestro and Calyspo La Crosse about some stuff.

The Litch gets a power source from his minions and he sends them out to find more. Finn and the others get attacked by Nightmare arms and land into an Italian  Restraunt ran by Goombas and Luigi demands a burger from the Goombas and the Goombas get mad and tell him they don't sell burgers at the resturant and Luigi gets MAD!!! and Shoots them all as a guy selling burgers screams. Then Finn and Gang run into a Shy Guy who loves TOAST and they get attacked by him as a bunch of Pink Bo-Bombs get mad and shoot a Chain Chomp at the gang but the Chomp heads to Nightmare's Goons and they scream from a fobia of a Chain Chomp. Luigi repeats the Burger scene as he is running the e'especily cheesburger place as the TOAST LOVING SHY GUY asks for Toast Luigi gets MAD and Shy Guy goes Beserk and another Cheeseburger guy screams and the TOAST LOVING SHY GUY makes an impression on the Stunt Doubles. 

Mario, Sonic, Finn and Yoshi raid Bowser's Castle to get the other Emeralds but run into Nightmare and his Goons who send two Behemoth Troopers to send the gang on a ship to somewhere they hate and Luigi frees them and they escpae to the lair

The gang makes it Too Late as the Litch is already powered up and they fight him to the death with the Zeti and the gang wins and celebrates.

Season 3 (The Shroob Empire and Genesis Portal Arc)

Long ago there was a Planet shunded by the Starlight that was inhabataed by Creepy Day Dreamers ruled by a Widowed Empress who's husband comited suicide for not restoring the Planet to it's glory they found a new home. After Finn has a party a Warp Star ends up on the Gang's house and they figure out that Delfino Plaza is invaded. The gang fights the invaders and sends them away as the invaders populate New Mobotroplis's ruins. The Mushroom Squad faces Empress Shroob and the Shroobs and fails because the Widowed Empress uses the Dark Star Rod and banishes the Heroes away.

Finn, Sonic, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi meet with the Star Sprites who say that Empress Shroob has stolen the Star Rod and made it her own dark Rod and seven of their worst arch enemies joined the Shroob Empire to create the Shadows of the Stars. Finn and Gang head to Goomba Plains and Fight Goomboss and the Goombas with Goombario.

Then Empress Shroob learns of the Prophecy more to the defeat of evil. 

Sonic and the Gang go bonkers in the wilderness after getting attacked by Rat Creatures and Devil Dogs and then Mario gets the Chain Chomp's attention as General guy goes bonkers and a Shy Guy uses a Cannon peeness and they go beserk with Death Bill Mok II and Death Bill Mok I with a Police Officer. Then they head to Wart's palace with Aid of the Stunt Doubles joining them with Goombario, Paraklary and Lupe the Doggat. Then Steve comes to anoy the gang then goes beserk on Wart's forces whom are revealed as Minecraft Mobs such as Zomibes, Skeletons, Creepers, Spiders and Endermen attacking them. Finn enters the the fortress of Wart and runs into an Ifirit Golem controled by Wart. Finn fights Wart in the Ifrit and Lupe helps him with a Stunt that beats the Ifrit. Wart is defeated and the gang goes somewhere else. They later realize the Yagyu has taken the Star Sprit Pearl. they later go to the Yagyu fortress and they begin to fight the Yagyu and the Yagyu boss reveals himself as Darkrai and Lupe fight each other. Darkrai ruins the fight sequence telling Lupe that she fights like her father which Lupe remembers a dark past with her father revealed to be the one to arrest her bothers and he beats up Lupe and her family. Lupe gets frighted as Darkrai gives the Star Pearls to the gang and they trap the gang into almost running into a Genesis portal  Portal that sucks in SMG3 and SMG4's Pals as they arrive with SMG4, SMG3 and the Nightmare Enterprises Employers attended by SWATbots and Enzo.

During the Genesis protal crisis Finn and the Mushroom Squad try to stop Enzo and Nightmare Enterprises from trying to catch them and then they fight Fawful and the Teletubies attacking Delfino Plaza.

They later head to the Presidency of Delfino Plaza in Nightmare's grasp thanks to Empress Shroob and her allies, so the Mushroom Squad begins to defeat Robo Nightmare and the Rip off Metalix and they are victoriously. However, a new portal has opened, sucking the Mushroom Squad to another dimension.

The Dragonslayer Series (Adventure Time ZX Season 3 & 1/2)

After the Mushroom Squad gets sucked into another Dimension. Natsu comes and takes their place as a hero of Mobius. What Natsu later realizes is that Nightmare Enterprises is evil again and the Yagyu Clan attacks an inocent boy named Aladdin. Natsu becomes friends with the boy and they get to know each other.

Meanwhile the Yagyu Boss Darkrai communicates with the Yagyu Ninja to plan an attack on Natsu to show how powerful they are they send out their elite four.

Natsu and Aladdin head to the Yagyu fortress and run into the 4 elites and face them off with Darkrai. Darkrai after his defeat reveals he is the wife of the Bride of Rich Nights who was killed by Dragon rulers such as Igneel. Then they run off to the Desert as Yagyu Boss Alerts Nightmare Enterprises of New Smashers. 

Natsu and Aladdin head to the Desert as they run into two girls who ask them politely to help them with their sorting of products and Natsu says no and walks off with Aladdin. the girls later get mad, but their boss Budel arrives and gets mad at them and then they get back to work. Then the 2 meet up with a Dungeon captuerer named Alibaba who desprately wants to capture a dungeon. They head to his house to keep themselves protected from Nightmare Enterprises and promised Alibaba he would get his dungeon later on.

Meanwhile in the Desert Region HQ, The Desert Sub-Boss Neythlis gets a report of Natsu staying in the Desert home of a Dungeon Captuerer named Aliababa and then he tells the Kou Emperor Koutoku Ren about his report about the Smashers in his region. The Kou Emperor talks to Neythlis and then he goes on to chat with Nightmare and have a SWATbit sumon the Nightmare officer Judar to gain help from the Grand Inquisitor McCloud. 

Then in the Desert Alibaba and the Gang go shopping for stuff and then run into a slave girl named Morgiana and Natsu and Aladdin free her and then they run from Grand Inquisitor McCloud after fighting him in the process. Then they head to the Dungeon where they realize Judar is incharge of the unit in the Dungeon where they face off Natsu and the others. Natsu meets with Nethlys and duels Judar as Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana all fight Nethlys and the rest of the Division. Nethlys reveals that Morgiana is from the Dark Contenent and Morgiana has a flashback of the loss of her home and being brought into enslavement by Nightmare Enterprises and the cruel tortures they did on her and her people. Then realizes that Nightmare is in a hologram communitcating with Nethlys and his desert divison and then Judar is revealed to be the foster son of Acnologa the Apocolaypse Dragon and the Shadow Warrior of Nightmare Enterprises. Natsu and Judar fight and then Natsu and the others run away from the dungeon and then hide in the wild.

The Next day, Natsu, Aladdin and Morgiana realize Alibaba has vanished and they were found by Morgiana's fanalis tribe which is located in the habatat of the Balbad forests. They meet Princess Hakuei Ren of the Kou Empire divison of Nightmare Enterprises and that she plans to unite the people suffering under Nightmare Enterprises into one nation to be spared in a free area. The Fanalis tribe's leader (Morgiana's father) acompanied by Muu and Myron his two other children talked to the Princess about a plan of theirs by saving Balbad from it's dictator Zoldeo.

Natsu infiltrates Zoldeo's fortress (by faking his name as Mickey Mouse) and witnesses the biggest gathering of sub-bosses in history. Yagyu Boss reports that he created a liquid called Demon blood drug that can drug non-nightmare citizens and send them to Empress Shroob. the others approve as Nightmare arrives with his corprate and they get the report about the drug. Nightmare Approves and then Judar has Natsu discovered and Natsu gets chased by the SWATbots and Legionares of Balbad and runs into a dwarf agent driving a bullet proof car. Natsu gets his own and they have a drive fight and then a big war goes on in the streets of Balbad and Zoldeo sends out a millitary seige in the city of Balbad and then Alibaba, Hakuei and herr subordinate fight the legionares. Alibaba tries to fight a certain legionare who makes him fail by revealing himself as a childhood friend of Alibaba's named Cassim. Meanwhile Zoldeo talks to a guy named General Klaud, who faked to be him and the guy reports to Zoldeo that a military seige is failing to a group of punks and it's becoming a riot. Zoldeo sends out a full force military seige and it chases out Natsu and the others.

Natsu reports back and says he failed. Then Hakuei then reveals the mission was complete and she got the info on Zoldeo. Alibaba then reveal his past with Cassim. then a Fanalis named Masurur comes with his boss Sinbad. Then Sinbad and Alibaba Negitoiate with Zoldeo who then ruins it and threatens to kill them and their loved ones if they bothered him again. Then they Meet Danny who is a 'Bank Robber' and the failure of a negotiation ends up as a millitary raid. Then Natsu helps the peasants until Judar arrives and Natsu fights him and then Princess Kougyoku arrives and duels them all with Kou Troopers and SWATbots and they end up victorious. Natsu speaks with the people until an Aristocrat arrives and reveals to them as Kouen and Hakuei's siblings reveal Zoldeo plans to enslave the Citizens and sell them to Robotroplis, The Kou Empire, The other Sub Divisons and Criminals in Mobius.

Natsu after that rests in his Apartment and gets a flashback of Fiore before he gets warped into Mobius. Then he decides to save his new home from the evil wrath of Robotroplis and then runs into Dr. Pootis who tries to kill him then Natsu wins against Pootis.

Meanwhile Zoldeo speaks with the bank robber Danny who is accompanied by his boss, who is named Markkio who hires 3 dragonslayers and 3 bandits to deal with Natsu with the monsters he also sent to Zoldeo.

Natsu, Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana realize that Hakuei is in danger and begin to save her. As they do, Natsu fights the first monster revealed to be a Haxrous, Natsu tries to fight it but gets help from Jafar who kills the Haxrous. Then Natsu begins to fight Death Bill Mok 1 and Natsu wins with hard effort then Natsu moves on until he runs into Petey Pirahana and Natsu imedietly wins because Petey Pirahna got a snuffly nose and ran off crying. Zoldeo gets mad and then yells for a military seige to happen as he tries to sound the Alarm siren to call the Night of Slave hunting to begin. Natsu barges in Zoldeo's Palace and then tries to beat up Zoldeo and wins imedietly until Judar enters the scene with President Nightmare and they get inraged then an evil Mobian Lynx trooper reports to them that the slave labor hunt was complete and that their purpose was done. Natsu was wide eyed and afraid that they finished their plan and their worst was released and Natsu found out they did the slave thing to release...Acnologia.

After Acnologia's Freedom, Alibaba got upset and started crying that his homeland was suffering a very bad night and he charged at President Nightmare as President Nightmare called his other son A.D.A.M to help him duel Alibaba as Natsu charged out to fight Judar and Acnologia. 

Natsu was having a hard fight with Judar, Judar was beating him like a pro and Natsu couldn't stand a chance against Judar's power then Natsu later fought Judar and was victorious, then he began to fight Acnologia in his human form and Natsu failed to defeat him and was on the verge of death as he gets more memories of his days in Fiore and realizes that Acnologia was the reason of his warp to Mobius with Judar then he gets mad then fights Acnologia and wins against the two. Then President Nightmare sends out A.D.A.M to collect Judar and Acnologia. Zoldeo goes on the run as Aladdin and Morgiana try to catch him as Kougyoku and Ka Kobun try to save him but Danny tries to attack them with Markkio but they desprately fail as Natsu strikes the two and Markkio dies and Danny runs away.

Natsu and the others realize they were about to be attacked by Nightmare's supreme fleet and they run away from Balbad. After escaping from Balbad and realizing they were in Sindria. Natsu and Alibaba get news that the peasants of Balbad escaped and they are safe on an Island Nation called Zootopia (Not the same city in the movie) and that Zoldeo made Balbad a military outpost of his brute control where he won't be stuck with peasants. Natsu was glad that was over, but Alibaba is upset that he and the peasants had to retreat from their homeland because of the Terrorism of Zoldeo. Then Alibaba cheers up, later on Sinbad tells Alibaba that Kou Prince Hakuryuu will be arriving to SIndria with Prince Kouen, Prince Komei, Prince Kouha, Princess Kougyoku, Their Vessels and some Nightmare Enterprises members. Natsu and Alibaba are okay about this, but Morgiana got a little stern because of her history of Nightmare Employees tormenting and enslaving her people, Zoldeo's slave hunting fun and Acnologia's rebirth on Mobius.

Hakuryuu and crew arrive peacefuly, but one SWATbot reports that they got interupted by Islanders getting attacked by a gang of Undead Pirates. Natsu gets concerned and then tries to plan of how to save the Islanders from the Undead Pirates.Then Sinbad mentions that there is a djinn named Zagan that will help with this. They decided to find Zagan to get help until they find out that Zagan was actually working for the Undead Pirates and he wants to help them to get the repayment of getting the Island all to himself and then Natsu then grabs everyone and retreats with them and escapes the Island as Zagan calls his minions who are Pirahana Creepers Natsu finds out this was an Ambush and then realized that the Undead Pirates who are revealed to be hired by allies of Danny and Markkio. Then Danny arrives and tries to kill Natsu with a masked guy with a Sythe whom he calls Ithnan. Then Hakuryuu betrays the Kou Empire heirs and has his Lieutenant Hiene Lunacy summon the Robotocized Dragonslayers to attack them. The Kou Heirs strike back with their vessels. Natsu gets mad at Hakuryuu and attacks him with Aladdin and Alibaba who are also enraged about Hakuryuu as Morgiana fights Hiene to the death. Later on Natsu wins the fight and Hakuryuu runs away and has tears in his eyes for no apparent reason. then it was revealed he did not want to harm his sister or step-siblings, but was forced to by his father, The Emperor because President Nightmare wanted to punish them for not realizing that they would betray Zoldeo. Natsu yells it wasn't their falt that and points at Danny saying he and Markkio were responsible for Zoldeo's craziness in the first place. Then Sting and Rogue are free from robotocization control from Nightmare after hearing Natsu and realizing who he was in their memory and their memories back on Fiore. Then they fight Danny and Ithnan with Natsu and Ithnan was blown into the sky by Aladdin.

Meanwhile the Organization Danny, Markkio and Ithnan work for start talking about some problems of Danny and Ithnan's failure and Markkio's death. They later discuss about the Failure they had and they later plan a way of vengance.

Natsu, Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana part ways to travel the world to learn how to defeat Nightmare Enterprises and the Organization that influenced them. Natsu agrees to this after learning about a Island Nation called Bantia located West of Reim, that he wants to go there because it has the same culture as the world he was from with the Guild Blazing Soul. 

Natsu enters Bantia and realizes it is a peaceful nation until a theif robs him, then Natsu smiles and waits for the theif to leave and reveal he has the true bait the Theif was looking for. Then Natsu gets shelters himself in a ruined guild hall, which he finds out to his dismay was Blazing Soul. Some Guards made up the lie that Blazing Soul was destroyed by it's enemies from the Dark Guild Bloodfire Salamander. Natsu gets inraged then finds their current master in blood saying that the guild moved away because an attack from the Imperial Military of Bantia. He also reveals that the Emperor of Bantia is corrupted by his Prime Minister and that they are favoring the rich punks ruling the Empire revealing Bantia's government corrupted. The Guilds are now rebells against the Imperial Military and it's forces. Natsu then decides to fight the evil Empire and then gets ambushed by the Theif and her friends who are revealed to be former slaves of the Empire. Natsu joins them to fight the corrupted government as they reveal to be members of the Guild Sniper Raid which is aiding the Toveri Alliance and some members of the Blazing Soul Guild. Natsu later joins them, but vanished realizing something that happened.

Meanwhile somewhere else, Aladdin has headed to Mage school in Magnostadt a country loctated east North of the Northeast area of the Robotroplis contenent. Aladdin enters with other mage students but not respected at first and was drilled by his teachers to do better. Aladdin succeded and entered the first Kodo and gets trained by the teachers Myers, Irene Smirnoff and Mogamett's (The Headmaster of Magnostadt) Daughter Yamraiha. Yamraiha gets mad and does not want Aladdin in the first Kodo because the daughter of Supreme Ruler of Magnostadt, Dunya Musta'sim freaks out when Aladdin enters. Aladdin gets trained during classes by them and Dunya is forced to leave because her Family was exiled because of their heratiage of being decended from the Royal Family. The Royal Supporters attack Aladdin for the supposed exile, but Natsu comes and frees Aladdin from the attack with the guilds of Bantia as they are being chased by the Empire. Worse to come is that Robotroplis gets involved into conquering the two nations. Natsu gets Mad and attacks the Robotroplis war force led by Hakuryuu Ren and Inquisitors Sevred Destroyer and Sevred Ninja Boss. Then Natsu confronts the Prime Minister and he tries to kill him but he was killed by his elite officer General Rosa who joins Hakuryuu and his two Generals with Hiene Lunasia and Alyssa Lucifuge who is revealed to be Hannah's long lost sister and they fight each other as Natsu and Aladdin head to stop Robotroplis. As Aladdin and Natsu head there they run into Zeref and Natsu gets wide eyed and then rages at Zeref demanding why is he here in Mobius and realizing that Zeref caused the Genesis portals. Zeref reveals that he, Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue, The Dragons, and Zeref himself were from Mobius from the Start 400 years ago from a mysterious city that turned out to be ruins because of the Dragons being brainwashed by the disiple of Tabuu known as David Jehovez Abraham and the Orthodox Mages. That there are armies of other Dragonslayers on Mobius including Laxus and Erik (Who are fakes) and that they were supposed to be warped in the future to stop Acnologia from sending his son Judar into the future of Mobius but a woman named Layla hacked the gate and summoned the mysterious beings to Fiore in the year X777 resulting in Layla's death.

Natsu after hearing the full truth was mad and felt like he wanted to kill the family members of Layla one by one for realizing that Layla ruined his chance to save Mobius and then he also got a memory that he was abducted by the guild named Fairy Tail and they used him and made him do stuff he did not want to do and fought enemies he did not want to face and made them misrable and even killed them. Natsu then learned that the guild Fairy Tail was his enemy all along and they should die and suffer for their crimes. Mogamett reveals that smashers were mistreaded by his kind and the old royal family in Magnostdat long ago and he regrets doing that too. Natsu realizes in his memory that everyone in Fiore is already dead and he does not have to seek vengance after all. Aladdin smacks Natsu telling him harshly not to listen to Zeref with Mogamett and the two fight Zeref with Hakuryuu and General Rosa as Natsu runs as he chases Daniel and blows him away as the Prime Minister contacts a group of Nightmare Fighters to help him with a plan of theirs with Zeref and Natsu realizes that Zeref heard about the Balam Alliance supporting him and decided to bring all the Balam Alliance members back to life to serve him as his henchmen, as Natsu plans to stop Zeref, the Prime Minsiter and the evil Mobian Dogs and Cats before their plan comes to a full start and Natsu runs after them and realizes that Mogamett's mage students were also helping him and they created a machine and created a purple portal and that summoned the Dark Mages into the world with some others Natsu knew in the evil side. Natsu gathered the Dragonslayers in Nightmare's service to fight the Dark Mages and as the Dragonslayers succeded in beating the Balam Alliance. Natsu disapiered and Natsu was found in Delfino Plaza by the very people known as the Mushroom Squad.

After the Dragonslayer Arc, Natsu later joins the Mushroom Squad from unknown and then they fight the bad guys together. They learn that Robotroplis was brainwashed by Empress Shroob's minions, they infultrate it and blow Empress Shroob and her minions to the other dimension.

Season 4 (The Grimiore Heart and Lost city of South Island Arc)

Finn and the Others begin to save the Doggat Tribe from being Raided by The Mage Legion of Nightmare Enterprises that he fought in the Dragonslayer Arc. Natsu realizes that some of the Legionares are former Fairy Tail members he used to know. Meanwhile, Negaro an evil Kommissar of the legion that resembles a cross between a Shadow and Natsu speaks to the grandmaster and they met a prisoner in the castle....Ezra Scarlet who is imprisoned in Ice there.

In Nightmare's Fortress Nightmare talks to the Grandmaster, then goes to his business to awaken Zeref and completes awakening Zeref. When Zeref wakes up, He sees Nightmare and his goons welcome him nervously, but Zeref smiles wickedly.

Back in the Doggat Region, Finn and the Mushroom Squad head to the castle with the help of a kind hearted widow hag and her adult age Grandaughter who is currently living with her. The widowed hag says she remembers the castle because she and her husband always went there to be in service to the Royal Toadstool Family who had ruled the region 80 years ago before the Subspace Wars. The Hag talks about her personal life untill she and her Grandaughter were killed by Gajeel Redfox who then fights Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. Gajeel beats Mario and Yoshi harshly and chases Luigi with a Chainsaw. Natsu, Parakarry, Sonic and Goombario run to Doggat village only to be blocked by other Legions led by Axel the Waterbuffalo, Eggboss Thunderbolt, Nacho, Nightclops, Cobra X, Drago Wolf and Razorclaw. Then Lupe the Doggat fights Eggboss Tundra, King K Rool and Battle Kukku 15 as Big the Cat and Steve watch then the two get bonked in the head by 2 mysterious villains who cackle silently. Then Finn runs in the forest and runs into Juvia Loxer and Gray Fullbuster who kidnap him. Then Zeref inprisons Nightmare and his goons in a prison compartment, then Nightmare and his goons break out and join Zeref.

The Mushroom Squad runs a Stimulator to see what is the best option of people in the legion in their interest such as Natsu's former comrades. Finn becomes friends with Gray and Juvia, Sonic does a tornado spin on all the underlings, Natsu gives Mario Spagetti, Goombario fights Sol but releases Mr. Bob the friendly skeleton in Spooky mode and it scares Sol to death.\, Parakarry becomes friends with Meredy, by making her fall in love with Finn, Then Gajeel chases Luigi, Mario does not save him, but remains to act retarded and eat spagetti, Yoshi however hires Chica and Chica wacks Gajeel in the head, Luigi cheers but then gets attacked by Mr. Bob, Mario enters a corridor in Naugus's base and finds Purple Guy in the place with Puppet. Then Ultear and some others mock Erza in Captivity.

The Gang fights the Legion as Mario fights Purple Guy and Puppet in the hideout. Meledy, Gray and Juvia reveal the Legion is not working for the Grandmaster Ixis Naugus that they are working for someone else. Purple guy reveals to Mario that he is the someone who is in control of the legion in the doggat area. Lupe and Lobo with Lupe the Wolf begin to nigotiate with Hades and his men. Hades says that his legion created themselves to remake an army from Earth-Land in Mobius called the Balam Aliance, consisting of the Guilds; Phantom Lord, Oracion Seis, Tartaros and Grimore Heart. Then Erza comes and everyone evacuates as Erza fights off the whole Alliance.

Then Finn and the others return to Delfino Plaza and go on the crusie Ship to go to south Island for a vacation. Many people come such as Steve, Starman3, Onyxking67, Chica, Big the Cat, Toad, Ben the Toad, Wario, Waluigi, President Nightmare, Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Bowser Jr., Mecha Sonic, Kamek, Captain Basilisx, Zeref, Orbot, Cubot, Gajeel, Bora, Erigor, The Vanish Bros, Metalix Prime, A Metalix Trooper, a SWATbot, SuperMarioGlitchy3, X, John Grayman, Chain Chomp, Zomon, General Shrooz, Dr. Pootis, Gray Fullbuster, Juvia Lockser, Eclipse the Darkling, Hal, Jeff, Lucy Heartfilia and Cana (The Heavy Drinker from Fairy Tail) who is trying not to go and trying to run away as Lucy has her on a assistant walker because Cana is scared of her now revealed cousin Mario acting retarded (being a stupid moron for no apparent reason and eating spaghetti while being bare naked in public) SMG4 says the ship is full until Erza Scarlet barges in and yells that she must come until a police officer catches her threatening SMG4 and Erza tries to confess only to end up in prison as the ship leaves her behind with FightingMario54321 who is angrily yelling at his employees as Greninja tries to break free Erza

Meanwhile in the Grimoire Heart ship Lord Hades announces his plans to his goons and welcomes in Scourge the Hedgehog, Warlord Kodos, and Jr Troopa who introduce them to the Mushroom Squad by showing the wanted poster with the nine members on it. Hades welcomes in a nasty mercinary named......Axem Blue.

The Cruise ship has taken off and the Mushroom Squad relaxes on the ship as Meredy, Finn, Sonic and Natsu goof off in the kiddie pool as SMG4 just groans and Mario just grins happily. Then there was news that the Terrorist army known as Grimoire Heart had attacked a casino and a bunch of goats such as a drunk toad singing Let it go the toad version and a Dr. Robotnik face on Thomas the Tank Engine's face randomly yelling Pingas to the Thomas song.

Then Hades gets a report from Gray and Juvia that the Mushroom Squad is heading toward South Islamd for their vacation, Zancrow goes full on retard and says he's totally ready and Scourge introduces Fiona Fox, Pretator Hawk, Flying Frog and Sergent Simon and Zancrow gets mad.

Later on the Mushroom Squad enters South Island as Grimoire Heart attacks and Finn and the Mushroom Squad enter the city and meet 3 people known as Spike the Porcupine, Sonar the Fennec and Trevor and welcome them as members of the Mushroom Squad. Later Shard appears and tells them he heard the attack and decided skip the United forces of The Chaotix, Team Dark, The Knight Gang and the Wackbutt guild against The Oracion Seis and Phantom Lord. then Gemril joins and then Presidemt Nightmare and his goons as a Grimoire Heart member spies on them and reports back to Blue Axem and Azuma. Hades tells the legend of the Lost City of South Island and how it could be a key to their turning the world into Subspace Plan and ordered Ultear and Jellal to aid him in his search. Sonic, Spike, Sonar and Trevor run into Caprico and they decide to fight him as a fight is about to engage. Sonic fights Caprico with Spike, Sonar and Trevor to face Caprico with Sonic then the other Nine Kin members attack the other Mushroom Squad Members and they attack each other. Sonic and his 3 pals win against Caprico and the others lost to the other Nine Kin, only to be held captive by the other Nine Kin. After Sonic hears this, he and the other 3 arrive and beat up the rest of the Kin and then Finn and Natsu begin to find Master Hades, Ultear and Jellal to fight them and save the world. Then after a fight with them. The Kin were revealed by Jellal that they survived the attacks and they are waiting for him and Master Hades to look for the Lost City of South Island. Natsu meets up with a guy who was his enemy before He joined the Mushroom Squad, Judar, the High priest of the Kou Empire which is currently a region under control of Nightmare Enterprises and Judar reveals how he and Nightmare truly met up with the Balam Alliance, Phantom lord,and other mages against Natsu and met up with2 allies Natsu knew before joining the Mushroom Squad and the guy they met reveals that the mages of Sabertooth, Meredy, Bora, Zeref, Erigor, The Vanish Brothers, The Mages of Grimoire Heart, Gray, Juvia, Acnologa, Igneel, and Kagura survived and Kagura married Kouen Ren and they are out to save president Nightmare and his goons from the Grimoire Heart attack

Natsu realizes the allies are also there and reveal themselves as Aladdin and Morgiana and the decide to aid Finn and the others to attack The Nine Kin of Purgatory, Jellal and Hades before they find the Lost City of South Island Meanwhile Jellal and Hades met up with The Nine Kinof Purgatory and they continue the search until Natsu, Finn, Meredy, Aladdin, Morgiana, Sonic, Spike, Sonar and Trevor attack the Nine Kin of Purgatory and then they face of Master Hades. A Finn trap murders Ultear  and Ultear looses her ability of revealing she survived the Genesis portals and fades from Mobius and then the other Eight get mad and Hades decides to punish them for Ultear's loss of life until SMG4 attacks Hades and tells the leave to the Lost city and prepare for the bigger threat that lurks whom is the real reason of the Mage uprising in Mobius. Later they enter the 100 year old Lost city of South Island in the mountain cave. Then the gang heard footsteps and they saw a face of evil. The face of evil revealed himself as Zeref the Black Wizard and he was the reason of the Mage uprising . His plan was to use Grimoire Heart's purpose of him to create an ultimate Magic world to restrain Earth Land's energy and destroy all the non Earth Land people and Möbius and warp the non Earth Land mages to Earth Land to recreate Earth Land as a Mage paradise. The Mushroom Squad begins to fight the Black Wizard himself and they won easily because of Zeref's uncontrolable power and the power created a Henesis Portaland warped Zeref and the Mages except Gray into a Magic world and then South Island explodes from the dragon Acnologa and Entity congradulates him.

Season 5 (Kou Empire Arc)

Meanwhile in the Kou Empire The Kou Imperial Family saves Natsu and the Mushroom Squad welcoming them in the Kou soil to rest from the destruction they suffered. The Mushroom Squad learned about the Imperial Family as Finn and Meredy meet Grimoire Heart member Bluenote Stinger and suprisingly Zomon and Shrooz. the two explain their past of being enemies of Finn.

Meanwhile The Entity speaks to Gray who has survived the attack of South Island. Then Gray betrays Entity and then Entity speaks to Noctem about the failure of Gray's betrayal with Dunia and Issac and how he wants them found.

Then the Clan of Evil Attack was really a fake by the Metarex and the Metarex then Fight Finn, Natsu and Sonic as then the battle heats up as Sonic vs a Noctem member who's a pokemon trainer and they fight to the death with his Misdreavus and Phantump and Sonic wins. Natsu faces off Dark Oak and wins as Finn beheads Dark Oak and makes enemies of The Metarex and leave. Then Natsu has a memory of his homeworld and Gray gets the same memory and he and Dunya later get the vison of a frozen Deathbill MoK 1 in the North Contenent.

Season 6 (The Fire and Ice Arc)

The Mushroom Squad is finally home after facing Grimoire heart in South Island and The Metarex in the Kou Empire's national homeland. They watch the news to realize an Iceburg that destroyed a Ship has landed near the docks of Delfino Plaza and that Kougyouku Ren is pissed that Natsu left her and then he welcomes her in and kicks out Toad as he wanders all alone and then rages, then meets with the Tubbiehost and joins with Sting and Rogue. Then the Mushroom Squad tries to land on the Ice burg, but were assaulted by a Chimera with a retarded goat going bonkers. They finally land on the Ice burg hideout and then run into a frozen Death Bill Mok 1. Natsu and Gang remember their fights with the dangerous machine. Then 3 people arrive, the two armored thugs are revealed to be Geno and Leonidas from Grimoire Heart and a third known as the Princess Dunya Musta'sim. Then Natsu fights the boss Grambo Prime who is revealed to be Gray Fullbuster. Gray tells about his experience on the world of Mobius and how it influenced him to being an evil and then Natsu was fighting him and Dunya. Then Gray's father and Lyon arrived to help then it was revealed that Gray's father died and then it was revealed to be Orba and he sumoned the Chimera and tries to escape then he fails to do so as Lyon reveals a freindship and promise to a friend which is a little girl he met on Mobius and it destroys his misson from Noctem and ruins Orba's plan to free Death Bill Mok I. Gray and Dunya escape the Iceburg and join the Mushroom Squad.

Season 7 (The Smash Arena Arc)

Natsu, Finn and the others moved to Sindria and abandoned being helpers of SMG4 and they joined the Smash Arena as they were anouncing the gangs who will be parcipitating in the Smash Arena which are; The Mushroom Squad, The Chaotix, Team Dark, The Sabertooth Gang, the Fiesta Bros, The Nightmare Corporate, The Nightmare Security Squad The Kou Empire fighters, The Thirteen Kin of Destruction, The Magnosidat elite, The Raiju elite, and the Blazing Soul's elite warriors of the overworld and the Underworld. Then the referee declares the winnings and the fight to begin which ends up like utter chaos and the winner of it all was Natsu. A guy named Tenerbus gets mad and decided he must do better at the hosting of his Smash Arena.

Meanwhile Sting and Rogue of the Sabertooth Gang were humiliated and were happy because they just ordered a secret weapon that will arrive in 6 hours. Hakuryuu Ren did the same thing as Sabertooth did and their weapons arrive as something on a chain leash

Natsu was proud of the Mushroom Squad for helping him win as their boss and modivated them that they will do better to win as the best gang in the world. Meanwhile in the dark area the Entity watches and comments more on the event of Smash Arena. Natsu and the others later arrive in the Arena to realize that two girls named Yukino and Hiene Lunasia are going to fight. the Fight starts and Hiene kicks Yukino in the face and then Yukino does a star strike and knocks out Hiene and Hiene is Unconscious and a Medic SWAT ends up taking Hiene to medical attention. Then Laxus fights Bowser, Laxus uses Lightning Dragon roar but Bowser counters and uses his fire breath, blinds Laxus and then Bowser beats Laxus with a hardcore fist. Natsu then verses Elgar Wraith and wins automatically. like a pro and then the results come up as Natsu, Finn, Yukino, Bowser, Terra Langly, General Rosa and Sting Win later on Laxus fights Ixis Naugus in public and reveals infront of the crowd that Naugus was brainwashing him, The Ranjin Tribe and Flare Corona. After the fight, Laxus gets taken in by the Mushroom Squad and Naugus with Leonidas, Geno and Zancrow get arrested by the SIndrian Police and are transported to Ironlock Prison. Ivan retreats as he meets up with his members dead and he gets killed by the false Lyon who is really Danny the Bank Robber.   

Later on in the Tournament some old smashers arrive but they were beaten by General Rosa. Meanwhile Tenerbus speaks with a mysterious enemy who then reveals himself as Eddy the Yeti and Eddy has revealed that he ressurected some old 'foes' of Natsu to kill him with the Mushroom Squad. later in the Mushroom Squad Hotel Natsu then hears about Ivan Dryear getting killed by a guy who is said to want revenge on Natsu. Laxus hears the news and he wishes he hadn't had Ivan as a father. Then Tenerbus arrives in the house with Danny and they attack the Mushroom Squad and they summon an old 'friend' of Natsu into the MS house. The old friend reveals himself as Jackal from Tartaros.

Season 8 (Project Death Egg Arc)

Jackal has revealed himself to Natsu and Natsu gets wide eyed and yells that Jackal was supposed to be dead after the fight with Tartaros. Then it was revealed that Tenerbus was the boss of Noctem. Natsu realizes that they were working for that entity they serve and Entity was the one who brought back the undead mages. Natsu begins to fight Jackal but Tempester interupts to attack, but the Mushroom Squad retreats leaving the two in the ruins of the MS house. Then Tempseter reports to the evil stanger in the seat and then he sends out Ezel, Seliah, Cossaken and Feriner.

Later on Natsu and the Mushroom Squad alert Sinbad and Sinbad Jr. to tell them that Tenerbus has betrayed them by revealing himself as the supreme leader of NOCTEM. Sinbad later decides to address the people of Sindria to aid the Mushroom Squad and they agree to do so to save the world. Natsu tells them of how they are going to fight Tartaros by first getting more help from Nightmare's Sub-Bosses to figure out their plan. Finn goes to Meropolis to ask King Puff to locate Akhlut's lair and to help locate Aquarius the Chao, King Puff tells them that if they do look for Aquarius and Akhlut's lair, they have to be careful because a dangerous outsider attacked Meroplis to find them too and if he finds out Finn is also searching for the same things, he could even kill Finn. Unfortunately they got interupted by Smasher Lord Crabman who tries to interigate the Mushroom Squad members on Ace's mysterious disaperance. Finn retreats Meroplis, as Crabman reports to the Smasher Lords and Grandmaster Smasher God of Finn's sudden vanishing. Smasher God tells Crabman to let it go so the Mushroom Squad can handle the threat at hand. Natsu and Sonic find a war hero from Sonic's home of South Island who retired and is now running a Dojo/Bar and he summons the former Generals of the Metarex, Black Narcissus, Yellow Zelkova and Pale Bay Leaf to help Sonic and Natsu dig underground to find Tartaros. 

Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, Dunya and Gray head to Find the Nightmare Data keepers, one person says he's the tech guy for a wealthy family then they get interupted by Ezel the Dojigirl Demon, Seliah the Chill Moon Godess Demon, Cossaken the Snowman Demon and Feriner the Fire Werewolf Demon and Gray, Alibaba and Morgiana fight the 4 demons as Aladin runs to find the Nightmare Data Keepers, but Aladdin runs into Keyes the Black Arcbishop Demon who does some Magic and attacks Aladdin and Aladdin doges it and Aladdin tries to attack but Yamahriah prevents it and reveals to Aladdin her thoughts about Aladdin through his time in Magnostdat and realizing Aladdin having no mother. When she told Aladdin that after realizing Aladdin's mom was dead, she decided to be Aladdin's new mom and take care of him. Aladdin was in tears in happines and then did Chaos Control and then wiped out Keyes like a pro and then joined with Alibaba, Morgiana, Dunya and Gray who defeated Ezel, Seliah, Cossaken and Feriner who then vanished to Tartaros's fortress.   

Natsu, Yellow Zelkova and Sonic head underground but were confronted by Tempester and they fight until Blue Axem Ranger arrives with Prince Bully. Natsu and Sonic make fun of Blue Axem Ranger and asking him if he was done serving Grimoire Heart and now joining Nightmare to hide his hiney from getting busted, Prince Bully gets mad and calls the regonal tyrant over his people the Bully Boss who appears a Giant Bully with half of Dr. Robotnik's face and then the Foreman arrives and reveals that they are after Project Death Egg and Project Death Egg is the plan to create a deadly space fortress that can obliterate any planet, star, solar system or Galaxy and can recreate the world in the evil image the user wants under his rule. Natsu and Sonic get wide eyed and they run out of the undergorund and they run into Tempester again and Sonic duels Tempester himself as Natsu escapes and witnesses the Bully and Underground legions fight Yakdoriga an evil monster frog. 

Meanwhile in the Balbad slave Death camp an Ogre demon is having contact with the Destroyer Demon which is an organ like creature with eyes on it's whole body while bringing back defeated demons. 

In the darkness, Entity rises and coments on the Tartaros situation and Blue Axem spying for N.O.C.T.E.M for him 

Meanwhile Fanmalth then decides to report to the evil stranger who reveals himself as a Yeti named Eddy and tells him that Feriner, Seliah, Cossaken, Ezel and Keyes are defeated, but Yakdorga is still fighting the Undegrgound Legion led by the Foreman, Bully Boss and Broulder Boss. 

Meanwhile Finn was going to find the Nightmare Data Keepers, but runs into the into someone. Finn's eyes widened when he sees the someone and realizes that someone looks exactly like the evil outisder who attacked Meropolis to prevent searches for the data keepers. The evil outisder reveals himself as Torafuzar the Dark Shark Demon. Finn begins to combat Torafuzar and while fighting him and Torafuzar and Finn fall all the way down into a Nightmare Prison truck. A.D.A.M and Judar start celebrating as A.D.A.M thinks of all the allowances he could get. Then Finn breaks out and A.D.A.M realizes it, but decides to just capture Tartaros demons. He later catches Jackal and Tempester and they drive all the way to Bowser's castle.

Finn's meets Laxus who is fighting some Yakdora who entered the surface world, but then Laxus killed Yakdora and then later asks Finn about the Data keepers info which was interupted by Kyoka the Slave Planet Godess Demon who then begins to attack Laxus and keeps on fighting him. Later on Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, Gray, Dunya and Yamuriah meet up with Laxus and Finn fighting Kyoka and then Natsu joins them.

Meanwhile Luigi was running from a Boo but was captured by Mard Geer Taratros the King of the Underworld who then stuns him and brings him to the Balbad Slave camp lab where Mard Geer himself was flanked by an Orc Demon and Fanmalth where they harshly questioned Luigi about the Mushroom Squad. Yoshi, Goombario and Parakarry witness it and Parakarry later sees Eddy the Yeti's shadowy form and they bust out Luigi and warp to the others as they were being chased by the Ogre Demon, Franmalth and Mard Geer Tartaros, but the three were beaten by Goombario, Parakarry and Yoshi who then begin to help the others against Kyoka. Meanwhile Gray, Alibaba and Morgiana later begin to fight Edward the Yeti and they ruin the countdown for the Death Egg's launch and warp with Edward to the battle scene with Kyoka.

Unfortunately, Entity has brought the Death Egg under his own command with the powers of Tenerbus, and two magicians named Falan and Wahid. Their forces were led by a monsterous guy named Bloodman. Natsu, Finn and the others see the Death Egg in fear and then they realize from Edward Yeti aided bt Kyoka saying it was trick by N.O.C.T.E.M to make the Mushroom Squad's efforts pointless to kill them. The Mushroom Squad members get mad and then they begin to attack the Death Egg.

Season 9 (The Massacure of N.O.C.T.E.M)

As the Death Egg is released Chaos is released and people are screaming and crying as Fires and bloodshed is happening. Unknown to everyone, Godzila is slapping Primal Groudon EX in the face as Primal Groudon is doing the same thing to Godzilla. Mega Rayquaza EX is attacking a Spagetti monster and tail wacking Jaws in the face. The Mushroom Squad members (Finn, Mario, Sonic, Natsu, Luigi, Yoshi, Goombario and Parakarry) are heading up to the Death Egg to destroy it.

Aladdin, Alibaba, Gray, Dunya, Morgiana and Yamriah all battle Bloodman after he reveals his body as a mutant monster skull guy and he is aided by Falan and Wahid. Yamriah orders the others to go as she handles Bloodman and the two. Then Obra appears and transforms into Silver Fullbuster and calls help from Zurmudd, Issac and their spy Zeref and they duel Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, Gray and Dunya, but the five loose and are knocked out as Yamruiah falls in defeat to Bloodman, Wahid and Falan.

Meanwhile the Mushroom Squad enters the Death Egg as prisoners of Ironlock begin to fight them, but all of them scream and run as the Mushroom Squad invades the Death Egg. Unfortunately Mario, Luigi Yoshi, Goombario and Parakarry are knocked out. Sonic, Finn and Natsu get scared knowing they're going to loose until Nightmare, Judar, Acnologia, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dr. Eggman and Mecha Sonic arrive to help the others as the three head to the main control room.

Meanwhile Laxus fights a super-human named Herobine who controls lightning with Apollonus, Byolin and Blue Axem. Laxus begins to fight the evil baddies but almost looses until he gets help from Tara Langley, Waylind Soutsmen, Axel Dygrave, Raven Tyran and Clair Gonso who become Laxus's new pals and they defeat the four baddies. In the control room Natsu, Finn and Sonic begin to fight the N.O.C.T.E.M baddies until they were apprihended by the supposed dead Ithnan who is congadulated by Danny the Bank robber. In the Death Egg Nightmare and his goons lost to Mephiles the Dark, Darkness of Evil, Nazo and Eclipse the Darkling and then Shadow and team dark defeat them. 

Meanwhile Tenerbus greets his henchmen with happiness that they finally won their evil objective. Then Entity begins to reveal himself to his followers. As he does, his followers are wide eyed with shock and fear to realize that their diety is actually a black eyed human ghost with electric blue cybernetic ghostly skin which entity was revealed to be the evil Tabuu.

Tabuu breaks out of the Death Egg to complete his evil goal to recreate the world into his own image, a violent world ruled by Nightmare Enterprises, his N.O.C.T.E.M, criminal, delinquent, terrorist and Dark mage followers under his Iron fisted domanance, Tabuu gets interupted by Laxus, Waylind Southmen (Who reveals that he is Zoldeo Crawford Jr.), Tara Langley, Clair Gonso, Raven Tyran and Axel Dawngrave. Then Judar arrives to destroy Tabuu with his Chaos Control but realizes that Natsu and Finn had gathered an army of Smashers and they were fighting the N.O.C.T.E.M members, Some smashers (Drakon, Hinahoho, E-23-Omega, Cair Gonso and some friends of theirs) killed Tenerbus, Danny, Grodus, Crump, Ithnan and some other N.O.C.T.E.M members getting beaten and destroyed by Smashers. Then Natsu and Finn work together to bring down Tabuu once and for all killing the evil mastermind himself. Natsu and Finn survive the fight and everybody cheers knowing no more evil smashers will be stirring since Tabuu has died. 

Natsu and Finn with the other Mushroom Squad members were just sitting there having a big meal of Spagetti and Chilli Dogs until Nightmare rudely interupted their festivities of retardedness and then MS gets pissed and begins to fight Nightmare. Knowing that they finally have a worst arch enemy not as harsh as N.O.C.T.E.M to anoy all the time.



Characters are listed int he arc of their First Apperance from heroes in the top to the Villains in the Bottom.

Season 1 (The Orgin Arc)

  • Finn the Human - Jeremy Shada
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Roger Craig Smith
  • Mario - Charles Martinet
  • Luigi - Charles Martinet
  • Yoshi - Kazumi Totaka
  • Gold Master - Scottie Ray
  • Pac-Man - Julian Michaels
  • Pinky - Sophie Neissie
  • Kirby - Makiko Otomo
  • Pikachu - Ikue Ohtani
  • Blinky - Ross Lynch
  • Inky - Lee Tockar
  • Clyde - Jesse McCartney
  • Lord Nightmare/President Nightmare - Alex Hirsch
  • Mecha Sonic - Patrick Warburton
  • Bowser - Scott Burns
  • Bowser Jr. - Max Records
  • Dr. Eggman - Mike Pollock
  • Kamek - Mark Oliver
  • Captain Basilix - Lawrynce Bane 
  • The Beagle Boys - Jeff Bennet and Maurice LaMarche
  • Betrayus - Samuel Vincent
  • SWATbots - Jo-Li, Maurice Lamichure and Austin Mahone
  • Marshal Butthead - Paul Dobson
  • Ghost Boss - Ted Lewis
  • Wally the Weasel - Wayne Grayson
  • Ice King - Tom Kenny
  • Dr. Buttocks, - Brian Drummond
  • Butt-ler - Brian Drummond
  • Fake Yoshi - Dan Green
  • Dark Gaia Minion - Bradley Dee Baker
  • President Spheroes - Samuel Vincent
  • Sir Cumfrence - Ian James Corlett
  • Dr. Toadley - Charlie Shattler
  • Donald Duck - Tony Anselmo
  • Daffy Duck - Kevin Shinick
  • Mr. Toto (Where are My Underpants Toad) - Tony Rosato
  • Raidaar-411 - Maurice Lamicure
  • Scratch - Leo Howard
  • Grounder - Mateo Arias
  • Coconuts - Ian James Corlett
  • Meta Knight - Eric Stuart
  • Blade Knight - Mark Oliver
  • Sword Knight - Brian Dobbson
  • Knuckles - Travis Willingham
  • Julie Su - Sabrina Carpanter
  • Vector the Crocodile - Keith Silverstein
  • Espio the Chamelion - Troy Baker
  • Charmy Bee - Colleen O'Shaughnessey
  • Mighty the Armidilo - Kirby Marrow
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - Wayne Grayson
  • Dante Nantal - Olivia Olson
  • E-123 Omega - Geoff Dolan 
  • Eclipse the Darkling - Wendy Powell
  • The Koopa Bros
    • Red Ninja Koopa - Roger Craig Smith
    • Black Ninja Koopa - Kirby Marrow
    • Green Ninja Koopa - Wayne Grayson
    • Yellow Ninja Koopa - Brian Drummond
  • Nack's Gang
    • Nack the Weasel - Mark Oliver
    • Bark the Polar Bear - Sala Baker
    • Bean the Dynamite - Amy Birnbuam
    • Aeon the Ferrethog - Ryan Drummond
  • Ace's Fiance - Jessica DiCicco
  • Ancient of Shadow/Ghost King - Lawrance Bane
  • Eggboss Thunderbolt - Frank Welker
  • Nacho - Wendy Powell 
  • Cobra X - Ian James Corlett
  • Night-Clops - Marc Thompson 
  • Ace - Ross Lynch
  • Eggboss Tundra - Paul Dobbson

Season 2 (The Dark Chaos Emeralds Arc)

  • Breezie - Kelli Baker
  • Lupe the Doggat - Jessica DiCicco
  • SMG4 - Luke Lerdwichagul
  • Hal - J.G. Quintel
  • Jeff - Wayne Grayson
  • Solarestro - Jack DeSena
  • Calyspo - Haden Walch
  • Hulk Hoogan the Echidna - Harvy Atkin
  • Wind of Shadow - Bradley Dee Baker
  • The Litch - Vic Mignogna
  • The Zeti
    • Zavok - Travis Willingham
    • Zazz - Carman Melvile
    • Zomon - Jim Cummings
    • Zeena - Grey DeLise
    • Zor - Wayne Grayson
    • Master Zik - Paul Dobson
    • Dark Guardian - Mateo Arias
    • Dark Gaia/The Zeti King - Joel McDonald
  • Djin of Fire/Ashling - Bella Hudson
  • King K Rool - Marc Thompson
  • General Klump - Harvy Atkin
  • Krusha - Brian Drummond
  • The Rajiu Clan
    • Bride of the Conquering Storm - Laura Bailey
    • Lightning Lynx - Vincent Tong
  • The Yagyu Clan
    • The Boss/Darkrai - Jim Cummings

Season 3 (The Star Spirits and Genesis Portal Arc)

  • Goombario - Tenzing Taylor
  • Parakarry - Kirby Marrow
  • ElderStar - Paul Dobbson
  • MaStar - Bella Hudson
  • Skolar - Vincent Tong
  • Kalmar - Frank Frankson
  • Muskular - Harvey Atkin
  • YangStar - Wayne Grayson
  • YinStar - Roger Craig Smith
  • Princess Shroob - Susan Dalian
  • General Shrooz - James Cowan
  • Grodus - Geoff Dolan
  • Lord Crump - Ted Lewis
  • The Shroobs - Nolan North, Kirby Marrow, and Bradley Dee Baker
  • General Guy - Brian Drummond
  • Wart - Jeff Bennet
  • Goomboss - Jeff Bennet
  • Kee'Oth - Harvy Atkin
  • SMG3 - Mike Pollock
  • Nintendofan996 - Brian Drummond
  • X - Paul Dobbson
  • Asian - Roger Craig Smith
  • Robot Clone - Austin Mahone
  • Crazy Toilet Guy - Ian James Corlette 
  • Nail The Hedghog - Charlie Shattler
  • Zack - Mark Thompson
  • Creed the Hedghog - Troy Baker
  • Jayden the Wolf - Clancy Brown
  • Atreyu - Wayne Grayson
  • Entity - Ian James Corlett

Season 3 & 1/2 (The Dragonslayer Arc)

This season is actually it's own comic book series

  • Natsu Dragneel - Todd Haberkorn
  • Aladdin - Erica Mendez
  • Alibaba - Erik Scott Kimerer
  • Morgiana - Christina Valenzuela 
  • Judar - Wendy Powell
  • Grand Inquisitor McCloud - Wayne Grayson
  • Agent Klaus - Diego Matamoros
  • Yagyu Boss - Jim Cummings
  • Yagyu Ninja warriors - Vincent Tang, Leo Howard 
  • Nepthlys the Vulture - Mark Oliver
  • Sting Eucliffe - Michael Jones
  • Rogue Cheney - Garret Storms
  • Gajeel Redfox - David Wald
  • Rago - Tom Habberkorn
  • Al-Budd - Ray Herd
  • Ben the Toad - Cheech Marin
  • Wario - Charles Martinet
  • Waluigi - Charles Martinet
  • Hakuei Ren - Dorothy Elias Fahn
  • Seisyun Ri - Julie Ann Taylor
  • Sinbad - Matthew Mercer
  • Ja'far - Lucien Dodge
  • Masrur - Keith Silversteen
  • Chancelor Zoldeo Crawford of Balbad - Lance Henrikson
  • Danny - Alan Tudyk
  • Markkio - Liam O'Brien
  • Kougyoku Ren - Kira Buckland 
  • Koubun Ka - Vic Migonica
  • Hakuei Ren - Joanna Luis
  • Seisyun Ri - Julie Ann Taylor
  • Kouen Ren - Kaiji Tang
  • Kouha Ren - Mark Allan Jr.
  • Koumei Ren - Ethan Murray
  • Cassim - Sean Chiplock
  • Zaynab - Kate Griffin
  • Hassan - Ray Hurd
  • Severed Husband - Travis Willingham
  • Severed Wife - Brynn April
  • Haxourus - Haxorus voice cry 
  • Petey Pirahna - Petey Pirahna voice cry
  • Death Bill MOK 1 - Maurice Lamachure
  • Hakuryuu Ren - Darrel Garuilbeau
  • Ithnan - Marc Diraison
  • Hiene Lunasia - Allison Sumrall
  • Hannah Andrews - Cherami Leigh
  • Terra Langly - Jessica DiCicco
  • Waylind Soutsmen - Leo Howard
  • Raven Tyran - Ethan Murray
  • Clair Gonso - Eileen Stevens
  • Axel Dawnrgrave - Brian Drummond
  • Prime Minister John - Gary Chalk
  • Emperor Slainer - Bryn April
  • General Rosa - Christine Auten 
  • Lieutenant Kabu - James Cowan
  • Sergent Org - Eric Stewart
  • Mogamett - Steve Cramer
  • Yamraiha - Carrie Keranen
  • Alyssa Lucifuge - Jessica DiCicco

Season 4

  • Meredy - Bryn Appril
  • Spike the Porcupine - Leo Howard
  • Sonar the Fennec - Olivia Holt
  • Tervor the Mole - Mateo Arias
  • Erza Scarlet - Colleen Clinkenbeard
  • Hades - Mark Oliver
  • Jellal Fernandes - Robert McCollum
  • Ultear - Lydia Mackay
  • Gray Fullbuster - Newton Pittman
  • Juvia Lockser - Brina Palenica
  • Azuma - Ray Hurd
  • Caprico - Michael Johnson
  • Zancrow - Ian Furguson
  • Rustyrose - Justin Locklear
  • Kain Hikaru - Brian Drummond
  • Geno Mantrais - Wayne Grayson
  • Leondias - Kadeem Hardison
  • Nano Leaf - Zendya 
  • Drago Le Degro- Leo Howard
  • Doggat Cheif - Travis Willingham
  • Doogat Cheif's son - Todd Haberkorn
  • Doggat Cheif's Daughter in Law - Brina Palencia
  • Doggat Guard Captain - Frank Wellker
  • Doggat Warrior - Brian Drummond
  • Negaro - Eric Stuart
  • Ixis Naugus - Jim Cummings
  • Gajeel Redfox - David Wald
  • Drago Wolf - Roger Craig Smith
  • Razorklaw - James Cowan
  • Purple Guy - Wayne Grayson
  • Puppet - Wendy Powell
  • Zeref - Joel McDonald

Season 5

  • Hakuryuu Ren - Darrel Gauilbeau
  • Kougyoku Ren - Kira Buckland
  • Koubun Ka - Vic Mignogna
  • Hakuei Ren - Johanna Luis
  • Kouen Ren - Kaiji Tang
  • Koumei Ren - Ethan Murray
  • Kouha Ren - Mark Allan Jr.
  • Dark Oak - Mark Hoverman
  • Pale Bay Leaf - Jim Napalitano
  • Yellow Zelkova - Ted Lewis
  • Black Narcissus - Sean Schemmel
  • Red Pine - Johnathan Todd Ross
  • NOCTEM Pokemon Trainer - Wayne Grayson

Season 6

  • Gray Fullbuster - Newton Pitman
  • Dunya Musta'sim - Erika Harlacher
  • Executo (Geno) - Wayne Grayson
  • Trapjaw (Leonidas) - Kardeem Hardson
  • Silver Fullbuster - Kaiji Tang
  • Lyon Vastia (Danny) - Jerry Jewel
  • Orba - Kirby Marrow
  • Tubbie Host - Dran Green 

Season 7

  • Sinbad - Matthew Mercer
  • Yukino Agria - Mallorie Rodak
  • Laxus Dreyar -  Patrick Seitez
  • Caliburd Tenerbus - Gary Chalk
  • Ivan Dreyar - Mark Oliver
  • Janet Donwheel - April Winchel

Season 8

  • King Puff - Vic Mignongna
  • Smasher Lord Crabman - Brian Dobson 
  • Grandmaster Smasher God - Johnathan Todd Ross
  • Prince Bully - Tom Habberkorn
  • Bully Boss - Ted Lewis 
  • The Foreman - Brian Dobbson
  • Jackal the Hyena Demon - Ricco Fajardo
  • Keyes the Black Arcbishop Demon - Doug Jackson
  • Tempester the Immortal Demon - Ian Moree
  • Ezel the Dojigirl Demon - Ben Bryant
  • Seliah the Chill Moon Goddess Demon - Michelle Rojas
  • Cossaken the Snowman Demon - Mark Thompson
  • Feriner the Fire Werewolf Demon - Darrel Gauilbeau
  • Franmalth the Armored Demon - Jeremy Shwartz
  • Eddy the Yeti - John Goodman
  • Mard Geer Tartaros -Vic Mignongna
  • Kyoka - The Slave Planet Goddess Demon - Janelle Lutz 

Season 9

  • Sharrkan - Danny Boston
  • Pitsi - Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Spartos - Sam Regal
  • Hinahoho - Christopher R. Sabat
  • Drakon - Geoff Dolan
  • Falan - Michelle Rojas
  • Wahid - Ricco Fajardo
  • Bloodman - Dan McBride
  • Rinjin - Wayne Grayson
  • Karabu - Tom Habberkorn
  • Tabuu - Mark Oliver

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