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Adventure Time 2: The Chronicles of the Farmworld
The Nintendo 3DS Cover
Developer(s) The Tris Company
Publisher(s) Blecki Hearts Productions
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Silver

Genre(s) Role-Playing Action Game
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan December 1, 2012
25px-Flag of USA December 3, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe December 4, 2012
Singleplayer, Co-op.
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Game Disk

Adventure Time 2: The Chronicles of the Farmworld is a sequel of Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!! created by The Tris Company and published by Blecki Hearts Productions, the game is heavily based on the Seasons 4 and 5 of the cartoon show, the game is based on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, featuring an overhead view with tons of items and even an interactive map, the episode has been released along with the upcoming Adventure Time Season 5's episode, All the Little People.


Episode 0 - Beginning of the Tutorial

Finn and Jake were going to the Fire Kingdom, when suddenly, the Ice King appeared and froze Finn and Jake and stole Finn's Scarlet, the Golden Sword! After that, the Flame Princess appeared and unfroze Finn and Jake. Then, Finn noticed that he lost his sword. The Flame Princess told about a Flame Sword which is hidden in the Flame Dungeon of PAIN. So Finn contacted BMO to teach them how to play the game, after that Finn and Jake started to look in the Flame Dungeon of PAIN to search for the Flame Sword. At the end of dungeon, F & J found a treasure chest with the Flame Sword. However, when they get close to the Sword, a giant mad Fire Wolf appeared, whose is named "Dyro - The Fire Demon". Using Jake's powers, Finn and Jake defeated Dyro and they get the Flame Sword, but, their quest isn't over... yet!

Episode 1 - Five Short Graybles

One day after they get the Flame Sword, they discovered the Ice King's plan! He wants to use Scarlet the Gold Sword to create a machine to hypnotize the princess to marry with him, Finn decided to find him, along Jake and BMO, but, the path was locked, and the only way to open the path is finding Five Short Graybles in each of these places: Fire Kingdom, Ice Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, Bad Lands and Veggie Village.

The first challenge was in the Fire Kingdom, the Flame Princess has the first Short Grayble, but, to Finn won that, he needs complete Flame Princess' minigame, "Fruit Ninja Time", which Finn needs slice fruits using his sword (familiar, huh?), Finn completed the Flame Princess challenge and get the first Short Grayble.

Now time for Jake, who is the Ice Kingdom, the second Short Grayble is with Gunter, the only way to get the second Short Grayble is winning a race with Gunter, Jake won the race (cheating) and get the second  Short Grayble.

BMO is the next, he is the Candy Kingdom, the third Short Grayble is with Princess Gumball, Gumball challenged BMO to he finds 4 pieces of a medallions which Princess Gumball broken in 5 minutes, BMO got the 4 pieces in 3 minutes and won the third Short Grayble.

Returning to Finn, he gets to the Bad Lands, the fourth Short Grayble was with an Ice King clone and the Ice King  Clone challenged Finn into an epic battle to he gets the Short Grayble, Finn defeated the Ice King Clone and getted the fourth Short Grayble.

Jake was in the Veggie Village, the Fire Wolves are attacking Stanley! Who haves the last Short Grayble, Jake defeated the Fire Wolves and get the last Short Grayble.

Now, the trio of heroes is back to the Ice King's Castle, Finn opened the door using the Graybles and now it's time to kick the Ice King butt!

Episode 3 - The Lich's Plan

Finn, Jake and BMO entered in the Ice King's Castle, but, they are leaved to a trap! Which leaved they into a dungeon, the Ice King challenged they to complete a challenge into that dungeon, but, two things which aren't planned by the Ice King happen!

The first was, when trio of heroes entered into a dark room, the Evil Guy appeared and started a fight with the heroes, the heroes defeated him, after that Marceline invaded the dungeon, possessed by the Lich, and transformed into your vampire form and decided to fight with the trio, Finn defeated Marceline while Jake and BMO where captured by Gunter.

Finn reached the Ice King's throne and an epic fight between they started, however, the battle was stopped by the Lich who gets the Scarlet from the Ice King, at that time, Finn doesn't known who the Lich was, but, he freed his friends to start chase the Lich!

Episode 4 - Entering into the New Dimension

Jake showned to Finn about the Lich and he said which can only enter into the Lich's dimension by finding four crystals. Which are in four different locations: Worms Palace, Mad Toy Land, The Lich's Chamber of Torture and the Mow's Island. Finn decided to go ot the Worms Palace, Jake to the Mad Toy Land and BMO to The Lich's Chamber of Torture.

Finn goes to the Worms Palace, and suddenly a giant Worms army start running into Finn's direction, Finn dodged all the Worms at the found the King Worm, who have the first crystal, Finn defeated the King Worm and getted the first crystal.

Jake goes to the Mad Toy Land, where he finds, a mass of crazy, psychopatic and scary toys which wants kill him, Jake defeated all, to he finds the Marceline's favorite toy, Hambo, possessed by The Lich, who has the second crystal, using your powers, Jake defeated him and the Lich escape from Hambo. Jake got the second crystal.

BMO goes to the Chamber of Torture, where he finds was ghosts and a bunch of scary things, BMO reached the final room with a snail who has the crystal. But, the Snail is more much powerful than BMO thinks, even with a hard battle, BMO defeated the Snail and got the third crystal.

Jake decided to go to the Mow's Island, where he finds his old nemesis, MeMow, which is more dangerous, even with that, Jake defeated him using his intelligence.

With the four crystals, the trio opened a hole to an unknown dimension, but, The Lich ruined everything, he escaped from that dimension and started a fight with the trio, he defeated Jake and BMO, Finn was alone, he wished which the Lich never existed and that created a dimension called "Farmworld".

Episode 5 - Farmworld

Finn entered into a dimension called Farmworld, he first thing which he started to do was to search for Jake and BMO, a surprise to him: Jake was a normal dog and the BMO was a shitty game portable. Finn looked into a mirror and see which he was different.

Finn meets his parents, but, he started to think, why the Land of Ooo is too different if The Lich never existed, so, he met Prismo, who told all the history of the Mushroom War: In the Mushroom War, during the explosion of a bomb in a form of a mushroom, Simon Petrikov (Ice King) used his crown to freeze the bomb, caused his own death, freezing the Earth in a pseudo-cryogenic stat for 400 years, making all the humans survives, Prismo decided to give a power to Finn, but, before that, he has to do something on the Farmworld, find the Cosmic Owl.

After for much looking everywhere, Finn found the Cosmic Owl and tell the story why he was looking for him. The Cosmic Owl leaved Finn to Prismo, and Prismo decided to give a power to Finn, a power which he can travel between the two alternative timelines: Farmworld and the Land of Ooo. Finn has returned back to the Land of Ooo, before the attack of The Lich.

Episode 6 - Nemesis

Finn has told to Jake and BMO about the Farmworld, Jake said which is only thing from Finn's Imagination and BMO said which Finn is lying. However, Gunter captured Lady Rainicorn! Jake commanded Finn and BMO to they save the Lady Rainicorn, but, that was only a trap from the Lich.

The trio goes to the Ice Kingdom and defeated Gunter and returned to the Candy Kingdom, depending which character you playing, this part of story can be different:

Playing as Finn

When Finn and Jake entered in the Tree House, Jake drank a liquid which looked like Coke, but, that only transformed him into a monster!

Finn has no choice, he have to defeat his friend, Finn defeated the Monster Jake, which makes him come back to normal, but, fainted. Finn decided to take revenge of The Lich!

Playing as Jake

When Finn and Jake entered in the Tree House, Finn ate a cookie, but, that only transformed him into a zombie!

Jake has no choice, he have to defeat his friend, Jake defeated the Zombie Finn, which makes him come back to normal, but, fainted. Jake decided to take revenge of The Lich!

Playing as BMO

BMO was the first to return to home, when your system goes crazy and your main nemesis: Sleepy Sam, he defeated him, BMO remembered which the only person who can hack your systems are wizards, like the Lich, BMO called Finn and Jake to do a final battle with the Lich.

Episode 7 - Now or Never

The trio of heroes returned to the Farmworld, but, something really bad happen, The Lich has been invaded the Farmworld!, but, one of the heroes has missing, Jake!. Farmworld Finn has been corrupted with the Ice King crown which makes him explode the Mushroom Bomb.

Meanwhile, Jake was in the Time Room, when Prismo challenged him to the correct wish.

Farmworld Finn was fighting using the Ice Powers given by the Ice King's Crown against the Lich, it's the only part of the game where Finn can use that.

Jake done the correct wish, which makes Finn, BMO and Jake goes to The Final Arena, the only place where the Demon Sword can be found and the only thing which can hurts The Lich, it's now or never!

Episode 8 - The Lich

The final battle occurs, in one side of the arena, Finn with the Demon Sword, Jake with your powers back, and BMO with your 8-bits weapons, in other side of the arena, the evil Lich.

The battle was hard and to beat the Lich, the player needs switch between the characters abilities, Finn defeated Lich, but, it was only his first form.

The Lich absorbed all the evil powers of the previous bosses and transformed in one giant boss, this boss battle can be considered the most hardest on the game, The Lich will transform into the previous bosses and the player needs remember who to beat the form, like an example, The Lich transformed into the Ice King, the player needs how he defeated the Ice King before.

After a hard battle, the Lich was finally defeated, the Farmworld dimension was destroyed and the heroes are back to the Land of Ooo.

Epilogue: Land of Ooo

Finn, Jake and BMO were received at the Princess Gumball's castle, where a big party was made to commemorate the epic journey of the trio of the heroes.

The credits shows little scenes of the boss battles which the player finds.

After the credits, Fionna says: "Hey! You only beat the first quest!, now it's time to the Second Quest on the Land of Aaa! Press B to play!."


Unlike the previous game, Adventure Time 2's is very different, it's more of a  puzzle-oriented game, which you need use Finn, Jake or BMO's powers and abilities, the game's camera is different too, which is an overheard camera, depending which character you play the gameplay changes. You can store items on two slots, A and B.

After you beat Episode 5, you gain access to the Farmworld, than, you can switch between the Land of Ooo and the Farmworld by pressing L.

Normal Controls

Those controls can be used to any character.

  • 16px-DS Pad.svg: Move the Character (Only for Finn and BMO)
  • 3DSXbuttonnewUse Item on Slot A
  • 3DSYbuttonnew: Use Item on Slot B
  • 3DSLbuttonnewSwitches between Land of Ooo and Farmworld
  • 3DSRbuttonnew: Trade Character

Finn's Controls

  • 3DSStylus2: Change Finn's gear.
  • 3DSAbuttonNEW: Attack
  • 3DSBbuttonnewShield

Jake's Controls

  • 3DSStylus2: Move Jake/Defeat Enemies (touch on them to Jake pursuit them and defeat him)
  • 3DSAbuttonNEW:Change Size (Grow Up)
  • 3DSBbuttonnewChange Size (Shrink Down)

BMO's Controls

  • 3DSStylus2: Lock-On
  • 3DSAbuttonNEW:Shoot
  • 3DSBbuttonnewGrab/Launch



Picture Name Description Farmworld Version
1ATFinnStand Finn the Human Finn the Human is the main character of the game, and also the last human of the Land of Ooo. Finn the Human lives his life of adventure with his best friend, Jake. In Farmworld, Finn have has a metallic arm, larger eyes, longer pants, and no shoes. In gameplay, this make Finn stronger, making him grab rocks and throw to enemies.
JakeTHEDOG Jake the Dog Jake the Dog is Finn's best friend. He is 28 Magical Dog Years old. He can grow up and shrink down to defeat enemies. In Farmworld, Jake is a normal dog, who can't grow up or shrink down. He doesn't have any magic in that place, but Jake can pursuit and bite enemies and jump higher than Farmworld Finn.
Beemo BMO BMO (pronounced as Beemo) is the best (and only) video game system on the Land of Ooo. BMO is also very intelligent and he has tons of powers based on his games. In Farmworld, BMO is a failed and broken video game system. He can't use any of his special powers which he can use on the Land of Ooo. He can throw broken disks, however. Also, he can confuse enemies when he uses his "Polybius" attack.


Character Name Description Role
Bubblegum Princess Bubblegum Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. She is considered Finn's former crush. She is a fan of science and knows very much about math, unlike Finn. She trades candy sweets for hints.
Rainicorn Lady Rainicorn Lady Rainicorn is Jake's girlfriend. She can fly and change colors in any hour. She is smarter than Jake and can only talk in Korean. However, only Princess Bubblegum and Jake can understand her, but no one else. That's why they applied the Universal Translator on her. She can help Finn, Jake or BMO to travel over a giant hole. Just use the Universal Translator to knows what she is talking about.
LumpyPrincess Lumpy Space Princess Lumpy Space Princess is the princess of the Lumpy Space. Well, she is a princess, but, she's voice is a little strange to girls. Also, she can fly an unlimited time and can transform other people and Lumpies. She is the shop keeper of this game.
Waving Snail Snail The little tiny waving snail, sometimes called... eh... Waving Snail, a Snail is hidden in every episodes'  parts, when you get one your stats will be boosted. If you find one of those snails on the game, you boost up your stats. They are hidden somewhere on the levels.
Squrriel Squirrel A tiny little squirrel named... eh... Squirrel, he is smaller, but smart, when Finn, Jake or BMO gives coins to him, he gives minigames. He sells minigames.
PaperPete Paper Pete The transforming Paper, Pete (don't be confused with this guy) is helpful guy, he was been captured by The Lich, when Finn, Jake or BMO saves him, he teaches new moves to Finn, Jake or BMO. Move Tutor
Prismo Prismo The Mysterious Omnipotent Shadow, Prismo is the creator of the Multiverse and the owner of the Time Room, he can also make whishes become true, like the Finn's wish. He serves as the guide of the Farmworld.


Character Name Description Location
FireWolf Dyro the Fire Wolf Dyro is a mutated Fire Wolf, he is more bigger and a mad Fire Wolf, he is very fast and can do various lava attacks like breath a furious flame.thrower Flame Kingdom's Dungeon of the PAIN
EvilGuy Evil Guy After been mind-controlled by the Lich, the Evil Guy decided to kill Finn, Jake and BMO, for protect the The Lich's plans. Evil Hideout
Marceline Marceline (Vampire Form) Possessed by The Lich, Marceline has been forced to be transformed into your vampire form to defeat and kill Finn, Jake and BMO. Marceline's Secret Cave
Iceking Ice King Simon Petrikov, aka Ice King, after Finn (Jake or BMO) stealed his Garbage Princess, he decided to have a revenge by defeating who stole the princess. Ice Kingdom
KingWorm King Worm The evil king of the Worms, which wants makes Finn, Jake and BMO worms to join into your army! Worms' Palace
Hambo Hambo Hambo, the Marceline's favorite toy, after Marceline been controlled by the Lich, is time now to Hambo being controlled by him. He has ghastly and glitchy attacks. Mad Toy Land
Lichsnail Possessed Snail Wait, what? A Non-Playable character being a boss? Yes!, the snail has been possessed by The Lich and now he haves new powers and wants defeat once Finn, Jake or BMO once for all. The Lich's Chamber of Torture
Memow Me-Mow The evil cat assassin, Me-Mow grown-up and now is more dangerous, she has more lethal moves and weapons, so be careful! Mow's Village
Donny Donny The evil ogre from the Forest, Donny is more angrier than ever, why?, well, I don't know too. Ooo's Forest
Gunter Gunter Trying to protect his master, Gunter wants defeat Finn, Jake and BMO. Gunter's Peak
BillyAT Billy The hamburger-lover giant, Billy have a mighty force which is used by the Lich, who wants kill the heroes. Billy's Ped
FinnZombie Zombie Finn A exclusive boss to Jake, A zombie bited Finn and transformed him into a Zombie, the only way to make he become the normal Finn again is defeating him. Tree House
MonsterJake Monster Jake A exclusive boss to Finn. Jake drank potion which transformed him in a giant evil monster. The only way to make he become normal Jake again is defeating him Tree House
SleepySam Sleepy Sam A exclusive boss to BMO. Sleepy Sam is the final boss of Guardians of Sunshine. He wants kill the BMO and to save BMO's game, BMO need kill his nemesis. Tree House
LemongrabEarl Earl of Lemongrab Earl is the penultimate boss of the game. For some reason, he wants protect The Lich from the heroes. He attacks with your swords and yelling random words. The Lich's Castle Door
TheLichKing The Lich The final boss. After possessed many persons, his final form has been revealed, now is everything or nothing to the heroes! The Final Arena

Second Quest: The Land of Aaa

After beating the game once, the player gains access to an extra mode where they can play as Fionna and Cake in eight worlds with 10 levels which. The gameplay changes, making more a 2-D platformer game like "Magical Pop'n", a SNES game, in which the player play as a little girl who has tons of magic, just like Fionna and Cake in this mode.


Picture Name Description
Fionna Fionna Fionna is the gender-swapped version of Finn, created by the Ice King in your fan-fiction, now, in the Land of Aaa, the Ice Queen has stolen all hers stock of shampoo and challenged Fionna to get the Shampoo back!
Cake Cake Cake is the gender-swapped version of Jake, created by the Ice King in your fan-fiction, the adoptive sister of Fionna, Cake shares the same abilities of Jake and wants help Fionna to get hers Shampoo stock from the Ice Queen.


Character Name Description Role
PrinceGumball Prince Gumball Prince Gumball is the gender-swapped version of Princess Gumball, created by the Ice King in your fan-fiction. He is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom, and he is a very good friend of Fionna. He gives hints.
LordMonochromicorn Lord Monochromicorn Lord Monochromicorn is the gender-swapped version of Lady Rainbow, created by the Ice King in your fan-fiction. He is the royal pet of Prince Gumball. He serves as a warp.
LumpySpacePrince Lumpy Space Prince Oh my glob! The Lumpy Space Prince is in this game too!, he is the gender-swapped version of Lumpy Space Princess. Shop Keeper
Flame Prince Flame Prince The prince from Fire, the Flame Prince is the gender swapped version of Flame Princess, like the Flame Princess, he has a lot of fire magics (duh!) He helps during the boss fights.
Gunter Gunter Gunter is the... wait a second, he is not a gender-swapped version of any character! What he is doing here? I don't know. He gives minigames to Fionna and Cake play.


Boss Name Description World
MarshallLee Marshall Lee Marshall Lee is the gender-swapped version of Marceline... wait, what he is doing as a boss!? I don't know, I think the programmers are too lazy to put other character as a boss. World 1 - Prince Gumball's Castle
SnowGolem Snow Golem The Snow Golem is a Golem created by the Ice Queen to protect her from Fionna and Cake. (In this alternative dimension, of course) World 2 - Path to the Ice Kingdom
200px-Ice King Ice King The Ice King... wait a second, what he is doing here, oh, I almost forgot! It's his fan-fiction he can do everything he does. So, he decided to be a boss of the World 3. World 3 - Ice Kingdom
IceQueenAT Ice Queen Ice Queen is the gender-swapped version of the Ice King, she is the final boss and captured all the shampoo stock of Fionna and Cake, just to have her first appearance in a video game. World 4 - Ice Queen's Peak


Item Name Description Usage
ArmorofZellion Armor of Zellion The Armor of Zellion is a strange armor created by Ghost Man. Who uses the armor, have the power to fly and also can protect the user for a short time. Can make the user fly and protect him for a short time.
AxeBass Axe Bass A bass in a form of an axe owned by Marceline. This can be used to attack enemies giving more damage than the sword. Serves as a weapon, which gives more damage than the normal sword.
BagofHolding Bag of Holding The Bag of Holding, this can hold anything! When you find one of this, this expand your backpack. Expand your backpack.
DemonSword Demon Sword The almighty Demon Sword, this sword only can be found on the Farmworld, and it's the only which can hurt The Lich. This sword is the only which can give damage to the Lich.
FinHat Finn's Hat The Hat of our favorite hero (not Mario), the Finn's Hat is more useful in this game, which serves as a 1-Up. Gives 1-Up.
FinnFlute Finn's Flute The Finn's Flute is useful like the Ocarina, which can change the weather, time or anything! Serves like the Ocarina from the Zelda series.
FinnPack Finn's Backpack Finn's Backpack serves to store items. Which can be upgraded when the player finds Bag of Holding. Store Items.
FinnPhone Finn's Phone Finn's Phone serves to save data like Quests, Objectives and etc... Serves to see the Quests, Objectives and etc..
FinnSword Scarlet the Gold Sword The Scarlet is the second most powerful sword in the game, can be found after defeat the Ice King. Weapon.
IceKingCrown Ice King's Crown The Ice King's Crown, this item can only be used by Farmworld Finn in episode 7. Which gives Ice Powers. Gives Ice Powers to Farmworld Finn.
WhistilingBook Diary The Finn & Jake's Diary serves as a checkpoint (Wait, that picture isn't the Princess Gumball's Whistling Book!?) Checkpoint
VideoCamera Video Camera One of the optional quests on the game is taking a video shoot of every character, so, that's why the video camera is here!  Optional Item.
UTD Universal Translator Device The Universal Translator Device (or UTD) is a little machine which is useful to understand what Lady Rainicorn talks. Key Item.
Oooreview The Ooo Review Well, the Ooo Review is a thing which appears in the Loading Screens before the Boss Fights, they gives hints about the boss's weak spot. Opitional Item.
TeaRobot Tea Robot The Tea Robot can be found in random spots of the levels, they can heal the player. Heal the characters.
SoftyCheese Softy Cheese The Softy Cheese is Jake's Favorite Food, and only him can find this. Heal Jake.
Royaltart Royal Tart Hm... Tart is good, but, the Royal Tart can heal your 100%. Heal 100%.
RoboSuit Robo-Suit The Robo-Suit is very useful during the boss fights, can be found before the Boss Rooms. Used during Boss Battles.
Medal Medal Every time you complete an episode, you will win a medal! When you get all the medals, an exclusive Mii will appear on the Mii Plaza! Nothing.


  • Strangely, in this game, BMO has a Farmworld version. However, a Farmworld version of BMO has not yet been shown shown anywhere in the cartoon show.
  • The game has been originally planned to be a Fionna and Cake game, named "Fionna and Cake: Mathematical Adventure!", this has been cancelled, but, transformed into an extra mode in this game.
    • In January 27, a stand-alone version of the Fionna and Cake mode has been released along a Season 5 DVD, which contains three episodes from the Season 5: Bad Little Boy, BMO Lost and Jake the Dad.
  • The game's original subtitle was going to be: Breaking Away the Fourth Wall!!
    • The game breaks the fourth wall various times:
      • At the start of the game, BMO talks to the player if he ever played this game before.
      • Dyro, the Giant Flame Wolf, before his boss fight says: "So, you [the player] are controlling Finn and Jake? Show your moves, baby!"


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