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Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo
ATLoO WiiU Boxart
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U, ElectriTablet
Release Date(s)
February 20th 2014
1-4 Players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Media Included 3DS card, Wii U Optical Disc, ElectriTablet chip
Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo is an upcoming game based off of the TV series, Adventure Time. It will be developed by Electric Enterprises, and published by Fantendo. The game is planned to be released on February 20, 2014, and will be on the consoles ElectriTabletNintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Wii U. It is the sequel of AT:ETDBIDK!. The game is based on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The game also features some characters, items, and other objects taken from the show.


3DS Controls

  • TBA

Wii U Controls

  • TBA

ElectriTablet Controls

  • TBA



One day in the Tree Fort, Finn and Jake were playing a game on BMO. Suddenly, BMO said to them, "Finn! I found a video from the Ice King!" Finn said to play the video, and he did. It showed an image of the Ice King with Princess Bubblegum in a cage behind him. "Hello Finn and Jake," Ice King said on BMO's screen. "Look, I have Princess Bubblegum with me here in my Ice Castle! Why don't you try to come and save her?" Behind him, Bubblegum shouted, "Finn! Don't listen to him! It's a tra–" "Quiet!" Ice King ordered. "So, boys, come beat me up and save Bubblegum, please." BMO's screen went black. "BMO, we'll be right back," Finn said, hopping onto Jake as his legs grew long and they ran to the Ice Kingdom.

Inside the castle, Finn and Jake looked around for Princess Bubblegum or the Ice King. "Princess? Ice King?" Finn called, walking around the palace room. Suddenly, a cage fell over Finn and Jake, as Ice King revealed himself. Bubblegum was in his arms. "I tried to tell you!" she said. "It's a trap!" Ice King ignored her and flew over to Finn and Jake, giggling to himself. "Bubblegum's right," he said. " This is my best plan ever! Allow me to introduce my new partner: Magic Man!" Magic Man himself leapt from an icicle in the ceiling. "He's going to use Jake's powers to make himself the greatest wizard ever!" Jake gasped. "Well, that's stupid," he said. "Why not just go to Wizard City and get some powers there?" Magic Man shook his head and grinned. "Wizard City banned me many years ago...I can't show my face there. That's why I have to use some MAGIC!" He fired a bolt of light at Jake, who got zapped from all of his transformation powers.

"Oh yeah!" Magic Man said. "Now I can transform like crazy! See ya, suckers!" Ice King gasped and looked at him. "Wha–We had a deal! I give you Jake's powers, you help me with my master plan!" Magic Man leapt through a window, singing, "I...AM A JERK! SO DEAL WITH IT!" Ice King sighed. "You two can leave now," he said, lifting the cage. Jake said, "Finally! C'mon, dude, let's get back to the tree fort." "How?" Finn asked. "You don't have powers!" Jake shook his head, making his fist huge and legs long. "Not all of 'em. I have these, though. Let's go now, Finn."

When they returned to the Tree Fort, BMO asked what happened. Jake said, "Magic Man stripped me of most of my powers, man! I think I still have the ones in my legs, though. Leg powers! Yeah!" "Well, I got an e-mail from the Peppermint Butler. He says that Ice King trapped all the princesses in Ooo!" Finn gasped and said, "That's nuts! He wants to marry one, so normally he takes about six. But all of 'em? Wow-zow!" "Wait, Finn!" BMO said. "He also said that there are also some swords scattered across Ooo, along with the princesses. He said you need to collect them to stop the Ice King!" "Oh, math," Finn whispered. "Did he say anything else?" "Yes, he said to meet him in the Hot Dog Kingdom," BMO said. "I say that after that," Jake said, "we check on Lady Rainicorn." "Sure thing, man," Finn said. BMO hopped inside Finn's backpack, and Finn hopped on Jake's back. "Hey Jake, what time is it?" "Um...2:30?" "No way, dude. It's..." All three of them said, "ADVENTURE TIME!"

Chapter 1: Exploring the Grass Lands

Finn, Jake, and BMO went over to the Hot Dog Kingdom. They found Peppermint Butler standing next to Hot Dog Princess. "Ah! Finn and Jake, you heard my message to BMO! Thank you so much for coming. HDP would like to tell you three something." "Oh, boys, it's terrible!" Hot Dog Princess said. "What is?" Finn asked. "All of my Hot Dog Knights have gotten lost!" she exclaimed. "There is at least one in every area in Ooo. I think there might even be one around the Hot Dog Kingdom! If you find them, can you bring them to me?" "Sure thing, princess," Finn said. "Now, Finn, Jake, come with me," Peppermint Butler said.

He led them to the Candy Kingdom, which was coated in ice. "What's up with the kingdom, Peps?" Jake asked. "Ice King froze every area except for the Grass Lands. Luckily I had left to warn you of Ice King before he froze the kingdom. All of the candy people are safe in the Grass Lands. Except for Cinammon Bun, unfortunately, who fell down in the middle of the crowd and couldn't get up." "How do we break the ice?" Jake asked. "Collect medals by helping people in the Grass Lands or by fighting evil. When ou gain twenty, come back to me." Got it," Finn said. "C'mon, dude, let's see Lady Rainicorn," Jake said. "Maybe she can help us."

The three went to Lady Rainicorn's House, where they found Lady sitting on the couch reading a book. She looked over and said something in Korean to Finn and Jake. Jake said, "Oh, right, you can't understand her, Finn. I think the translator thingy is in all this treasure at the bottom of Lake Szelzon. Let's go. Be right back, Lady!" They swam to the bottom of the lake and found that the treasure was guarded by Lake Knights. They grabbed the translator (and a few pieces of gold) and went back to Lady Rainicorn. She fastened the translator around her neck and said, "Oh, can you hear me now, Finn?" Finn nodded. "Well, I wish I could help, because I have a sword in my closet, but the Ice King hid it somewhere in the Grass Lands." Woah," Finn said. "Do you know where he could've put it?" "Well, he did say something to himself about going to visit Tree Trunks's House," she said. Finn and Jake looked at each other and gasped, yelling, "TREE TRUNKS!!!"

Chapter 2: Candy Kingdom in Distress



Character Name Description Special Attack
Electric Enterprises
Active projects Rocky's Super Smash Bros. 1st Priority

Epic Warriors 2nd Priority

Nintendo RACEWAY 3rd Priority

Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity '4th Priority

Bagon Bacon: The Game 5th Priority

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Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo

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Gumball & Mint: The Golden Chocolates

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Projects Planned NinJon 2

Return of the Epic Warriors


Animal Crossing: U Play (tentative title)

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