The Adventure Mode is a gameplay mode in the home console versions in the Super Smash Keyboards games. They are not included in the arcade versions. This mode first appeared in the home console port of Super Smash Keyboards 2 and has appeared in every game to this date. It is played like Mario Party, but with matches instead of minigames.


Players use characters from the Super Smash Keyboards games and move around a board. Each game is set to 30 turns, which take an hour and a half to complete. The goal is to collect the most stars, just like in the Mario Party games.


Space Image Description
Blue Space Gives three coins.
Red Space Deducts three coins.
Event Space Triggers a board-related event, differs on each board.
Fegel-Space Summons Fegelein, who commits a lustrous antic on the player.
Bowser Space Summons Bowser, which takes all the player's coins if his match is lost (half if Bowser wins one round).
Star Space Gives the player one star at the price of 20 coins.
Ztar Space Keel Sark is always standing on it, who takes 5 coins every time the space is passed.

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