Advanced Timeline Escapism is a new game by Tom (tbc), featuring the Henry Mails on a quest to escape their personal Darkest Timeline. The game's style and gameplay are based on the Community episode Digital Estate Planning


During Fantendo's first paintball assassin tournament, the Henry Mails were forming an alliance to stay in the game as long as possible. When they arrive at the center of the huge arena the tournament took place in, they realize they're the only ones left. All of them are preparing for their final battle against each other when a mysterious shadow enters. He quickly takes an odd-looking paintball guns out of his pockets and starts to shoot the Mails. Still shocked, the Mails aren't able to dodge the attack and end up being shot. When they all disappear one after another, Tom realizes it wasn't a paintball gun. 

Each Mail is transported to their personal Darkest Timeline. Stories split here.

more coming soon...


Two modes are confirmed so far. Their gameplay is explained below.


Two modes are revealed so far.

  • Adventure Mode: The main mode of the game. It plays like a classic 2D-platformer. Characters can walk, run, jump, hit and pick up various items to gain more health or to collect them. Characters can run out of health by touching enemies. If the character falls into a pit or loses all of their health, the character is transported back to the beginning of the level. Each character has their own ability, such as hovering or a weapon. Each character has their own timeline with their own levels. These levels are packed with enemies and obstacles and are based on the character's abilities. For example, a character that can hover will have slightly larger pits in their levels.
    Henry CSS

    The CSS for Battle Mode

    The goal of the game is to clear every character's timeline by clearing the levels and finally defeat their evil doppelganger to clear the story.
  • Battle Mode: The goal of this game is to take out your opponents in paintball. Players can investigate the arena and can walk in eight directions. Players can either team up with the other playable characters to take out Storm Troopers or battle against them. The game features an option to play multiplayer both locally and online.


Image Name Special Ability Description
Sprite Spark Spark TBA -
Sprite Elise Elise Elise can throw a 'Yin-Yata ball' every 5 seconds to attack enemies. -
Sprite Doh Doh Using Buttifairy, Doh can hover in the air for a short time. -
Sprite Hayden Hayden TBA -
Sprite Mapman Mapman TBA -
Sprite Mason Osaka TBA -
Sprite Stelios Stelios TBA -
Sprite Tenshi Tenshi With his wings, Tenshi can jump 3 times instead of 1 time. -
Sprite Rick Rick TBA -
Sprite Tom Tom TBA -

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