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Admiral Bobbery
Bobbery in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Gender Male
Species Bob-omb
Ability/ies Explosions, sea travel
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)

Admiral Bobbery, often called just Bobbery, is a Bob-omb and one of Mario's partners. He is rather old, and has a knack for sea travel and exploring. His wife, Scarlette, died of a mysterious illness before the events of the game.


Bobbery is a brown Bob-omb with blue feet, yellow eyes, and a gray, jagged mustache. Instead of a wind-up key like other Bob-ombs have, Bobbery has a helm of a ship on his back. He additionally wears a white captain's hat with a golden anchor symbol on it.


Many years prior to Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Bobbery fell in love with a female Bob-omb named Scarlette. He loved her madly, only matched with his love for travelling the sea. He was a renowned sailor, and often went across the sea on large expeditions, while Scarlette would patiently await his return.

One particular Winter however, Scarlette fell victim to a mysterious illness while Bobbery was out at sea. The sickness rapidly deteriorated, and by the time Bobbery returned, she had passed. He blamed himself for Scarlette's death, saying that he would have been able to nurse her back to health if he wasn't out at sea. From then on, he vowed never to sail again out of guilt.

During the events of the game, Mario and co. are in search of a navigator to get the Crystal Star at Keelhaul Key, and go to Bobbery for his help. He, at first, declines. However, after talking with Podley, he gives Mario an old letter that Scarlette wrote unbeknownst to Bobbery; he could not bring himself to give it to the ex-sailor after seeing him blame himself for his wife's death, so he asks Mario to deliver it. Bobbery reads the letter, where Scarlette wrote that if she died, Bobbery shouldn't blame himself and abandon his love for the sea. Touched by these words, Bobbery agrees to help Mario get to Keelhaul Key, and travels alongside him for the rest of the game.


Super Mario Spikers

Admiral Bobbery appears in Super Mario Spikers as a playable character, appearing as a Balanced-type Captain. His hat has been slightly changed, replacing the anchor emblem with his team emblem, and his wheel as been modified to store miniature bombs that are identical to the ones he throws for his Bomb Squad attack in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. His emblem is his face with a sailor hat on it, and his theme is Sea Shanty.