Adimar Halomtano
Full Name Adimar Talon Halomtano
Current Age 34
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Beasttamer
Main Weapon(s) Light Bow
Adimar Halomtano is a character that first appears in Fantendo - Misfits: Side Stories as a playable character. He is a beasttamer, specifically a wolf tamer. He appears in PROJECT PLASMA and Starsnow, albeit as a more minor character. He has been confirmed to be a 'Starsnow Assist', technically part of Starsnow team, but does not participate in all missions.


Adimar is a black man with ruffled brown hair that extends down to his shoulders, being rather ruffled up. He wears a leather jacket and jeans with a satchel swung around his shoulder, aswell as a bone sticking out of the satchel. He is almost always seen with a wolf named Joseph, the original wolf he tamed. Adimar has an electronic bow hung on his back which fires not arrows, but streams of light, a very explosive material.


Adimar is a rather good leader, albeit wanting to be more independent. He has developed a strong bond with Joseph, and will never back down if Joseph is at stake. He is somewhat awkward with conversations, but overall is a decent guy, if you get to know him.


Fantendo - Misfits: Side Stories





Have developed a brother-like relationship, aswell as seemingly being able to know what each other will do at specific points. They are a perfect duo, working together perfectly.


Has shown general fondness for the creature, and treats it well.

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  • Adimar is actually a name for a wolf.
  • The name 'Adimar' originates from an old OC from a FNAF RP, yes, I know.