Adilson Santiago
Full Name Adilson Denilson Santiago
Current Age 21
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Maceió, Brazil
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Good at building, engineering skills
Nationality Brazil Flag
Ethnicity Latino
Height 5'8"
First Appearance TBA

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Adilson is a character from the RTAverse. He is good at building and fixing things, and has spent most of his life in a tent that he carries everywhere.


Adilson is a somewhat short 21-year old Latino male with dark brown skin and spiky dirty blonde hair. He wears a pink hoodie with a dark grey shirt underneath, black shorts and blue and yellow trainers. His eyes are brown and he tends to carry a spanner with him. He also tends to have a backpack with him, containing camping equipment.


Adilson has spent most of his early life in Brazil. He was left orphaned as a child, and struggled to survive at times. Adilson went without an education until he was 10, spending most of his time on the beaches of his hometown, trying to learn how to put things together. Adilson fled to the United States by getting on a plane heading for Washington, D.C.. He spent most of his life on the streets, until he was found by Antonio Smith, a Senator.

Antonio helped Adilson get used to the area, and helped him get an education. Adilson befriended Antonio's daughter, Rosa, when they met for the first time. Adilson started high school and struggled at first, mostly due to his lack of proper education prior to starting. When Rosa was tested on by the government, Adilson was one of the first to find out. He informed Antonio, who immediately took action against the tests, which resulted in his popularity and rise to presidency. Adilson finished high school and has lived all around Washington since.


Adilson is rather shy, and doesn't tend to talk too much, feeling scared he might mess something up. He likes to listen, but doesn't like speaking all that much.