I do not think I would feel so alive if both of you had not come into my lives, honestly... [closes her eyes as she walks forward] Mmm... remember when Zonas was unconscious and we had to get Valerie to heal him? I was so worried for him... I am glad he is still alive...
Adexene, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 8: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

As drawn by Exotoro (tbc), as she appears in GONE into Home Life
Current Age Looks 20-ish, 9 year old supercomputer
Date of Birth October 28th
Gender Female
Species Cyborg
Current Status Alive
Zonas, Sinicini, having personal time with them, searching up useful facts for them, going shopping, lighting up her home, sleeping on a bed, devouring pasta, researching the possibilities of going all the way into space
Feeling left out of stuff, hiding inside of a watch, having to consume tomatoes in any capacity, any bugs in her home, being forced to leave the things she hates be
Height 5'08"
First Appearance Gone

Adexene is one of the main characters of Gone and is one of the various characters of the Zaxinian Lifts timeline, being in the Hisplit universe. She is a character with a neutral stance on everything besides her relationship with Zonas and Sinicini, which is incredibly strong, much like her overall prowess.

As of July 30th, 2017, she is partially owned by Exotoro (tbc) as well.


Adexene is an executive file that came to life from binary coding and scientific research, and was brought to the real life as a humanoid supercomputer that was supposed to help scientists out without them needing to boot up their computers to do such. However, she wasn't interested and left the building.

Adexene then eventually opened up to Zonas and talked to him, but instantly fumed when she saw that Sinicini was his girlfriend. She went off and made plans to kill Zonas, but had a change of heart following an accident and helped him alongside Sinicini to restore his condition, and following the defeat of Vitch, Adexene travels with both Zonas and Sinicini, both she fell in love with.


Adexene is definitely far from the norm. Her speeds are quick and she can shred parts of herself off as projectiles to toss at enemies, and reshape those parts into whatever she wants, like...models and tools and stuff. She can turn herself into a thin rope of electricity and shoot through tiny gaps in walls and floors, and go into other computers as long as they don't lock her out with antiviruses. Despite this though, she NEEDS to be in computers or something with technology about half of the time, as it is her energy source and she uses a lot of energy to use those abilities of hers, so if she uses her abilities, she often weakens and needs to find a resource immediately or she might as well dissipate. Due to this, she often resides in Zonas' electric watch, which is considered her best in-reach energy source, if not the best available.


She often is angry and frustrated with herself over her own brittle existence, and has a large, growing hatred for Sinicini. She has heavy feelings for Zonas, romantic feelings, even, but is always disgusted when she sees him talking Sinicini, it makes her want to destroy them both just right there on the spot.

Relationships with Other Characters


Zonas and Adexene are on really good terms with each other, and enjoy each other's company rather massively, especially when Sinicini is involved.


Adexene and Sinicini get along well, especially when working together. They were originally rivals, but they got over these negative emotions and both became girlfriends of Zonas simultaneously. Both will do anything for each other now by this point.



  • Adexene is built off of the old character "Nightshade" and the genuinely "sexy" or "edgy" characters snicks made when nearing the end of her time on the AoWiki.
    • Her name is literally Dexene with an A, Dexene having been a character of snicks' from same wiki.

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