Adele Sampson
Full Name Adele Sampson
Current Age 20
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Raleigh, North Carolina
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Powerful hydrokinesis
Nationality 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity Hispanic
Height 5'7"
First Appearance Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side

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Adele Sampson is a human from North Carolina. She is a hydrokinetic.


Adele has black long hair, a green T-shirt, blue skinny jeans and pink boots. Her eyes are grey.


Adele was born in North Carolina and lived in the Charlotte area for most of her life. She moved over to California in order to pursue a career in law. Unaware of what was going on at the time, she went expecting everything to be normal. She ended up in the middle of a fight between an army and a group of young people. She managed to live through the fight and decided to go off to college for a law course. However, she gets dragged into the whole "saving the world" deal by Beth Johnson, who started to work with a team called The Other Heroes.


Adele is calm and keeps her problems to herself. She doesn't open up all that much.