Addax Prime
Developer(s) Kaji Productions
Console Type Handheld
Generation Ninth
Units sold 42.5 million
Media Kaji Prime Disc, Digital Distribution
3D Mode, TraffiGO, Tilt, Holograph
Backward Compatibility Addax C(lassic)

The Addax Prime (Japanese: アダックスプライム Adakkusu Puraimu) is a portable game console produced by Kaji Productions. It was the first console created by Kaji Productions, and was revealed Early 2016. The system is not only able of showing 3D effects, but also a hologram that you are able to interact with.

Appearance and Features

The Addax Prime consist of two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. You are able to hold up to 150 pictures (1:50 worth of video) without the use of an SD card. A new feature named TraffiGO allows game content to be exchanged between 2 or more Addax Primes (similar to Streetpass on the 3DS). There is also other features on the Addax Prime, such as the Virtual Console by Nintendo, the Addax Shop, Google Chrome, Youtube, Netflix, and a new app that allows you to play Java and Adobe Flash games on the web.

About 6 months later, a larger model of the system called the Addax Prime Plus(+) was released. Both screens are 80% larger, and also have higher graphics and run more smoothly. People who pre-ordered the Addax Prime plus were entered into a raffle to win 2 free Addax Prime games. There was also a budget model of the system created at the same time called the Addax Mini was released, which is $65 less than the original Addax Prime.


System Exclusives

  • Project AI

Non-System Exclusives

  • Pokémon Stadium 3

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