Adam Phillips
Gender Male
Species Human
Location London
Main Weapon(s) Hand Combat
First Appearance Adam: Coin Quest
Latest Appearance Adam: Coin Quest
Adam Phillips is the main character in the Awesome Adam series and is Annoying Inc.'s mascot. Adam works as a secruity guard in the bank but when the money goes missing he is swnt on a adventure with his BFF, Joe to get it back from James.

Biography Edit

Adam is a fully grown adult that has dreamt on becoming a police officer but he ends up becoming a secruity guard at the local bank. Since then Adam has made friends with Joe, fought villians and has saved the day. Sometimes he just hangs around at the bank and others he is sent on a wild goose chase.

Physical Appearance Edit

Adam wears a black top, black trousers and brown shoes. Adam has blue eyes but often calls them turquoise.

Appearances Edit

Adam: Coin Quest Edit

Adam is the main character and secruity guad in this game and the other games in the Awesome Adam series.