Adam Morsai
Morsai Signature
Official artwork.
Current Age Around 25
Gender Male
First Appearance Painterly (2013)
Latest Appearance Painterly: Signature Edition (2015)
Adam Morsai is the antagonist of Painterly. After his disturbing artwork is made happier and nicer by painting sprites Forte and Melody, he grows angry and enters into the worlds of his paintings to revert their changes and capture them.


As a Dark Lord within his worlds, Morsai adopts a royal image for his fictional form. He appears older than he is in real life due to his silver hair, and wears a complex outfit with several colors. His eyes are red and blue to represent the symbolic colors of Painterly. Around his right eye, the Morsaius symbol is marked on his face. The symbol is his artist signature in real life, but in his worlds, it is a symbol of power.

In real life, Morsai is an unassuming young man dressed in simple clothes. He can enter himself into his own worlds, a mysterious ability that he shares with the girl who appears at the end of Painterly, Akaye.


Painterly and Painterly: Signature Edition

At the beginning of Painterly, Adam Morsai is a depressed artist who comforts himself with his dark creations. He is often down or emotionless unless in the act of making his art. Also, he is highly addicted to caffeine, as he likes to be awake at night. This often leaves him passed out in the middle of sketching on his desk. Contrastingly, his idealized character, Dark Lord Morsai, is powerful and confident.



  • Though Morsai is labeled as the antagonist of Painterly, the fact that Forte and Melody changed his art, the reason he becomes angry in the first place, puts them also in a slightly antagonistic role.

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