Adam Cerato
Current Age 48
Date of Birth July 21, 1965
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Peace Key City
Adam Cerato is a protagonist of The Triad, the first story of Voidverse Future. He has the ability to take other Light abilities away from those who possess them, as shown during his clash with Samuell Holmes.






Allison Cerato

Allison is Adam's daughter.

Vincent Altmanti

Vincent is a close friend of Adam's.

Gerald Mount

Gerald is another close friend of Adam's.



Adam plays a small role in The Seventy Four Saga.


  • The characters of Vincent Altmanti, Adam Cerato, and Gerald Mount exist as normal in Voidverse Future because, even though the stories take places in a reality where The Void never existed (arguably the true reality), they were all born before The Void ever existed.

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