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Full Name Adam
Current Age 16
Date of Birth June 16
Gender Male
Species Legend, Stick Figure
Location Capitol City
Main Weapon(s) Sword, Shield, Power Ups
Ability/ies Cyrokinesis, Pyrokinetis, Hydrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Adam Stomp
Vulnerable To Negative Energy
Voice Actor(s)
Ryan Drummond (Legend Series)
Lee Eric Etchisen (Adam Series)
First Appearance Adam's Adventure

Hi I’m Adam and I’m an Adventurer. I love to explore places that no one else has ever seen. I live in the United Republic, but I’m never really home. And I never stay there when I do. Ever since I was a little kid I always have been on the go, and I never want to stop till I have been to every single place in the universe. I never leave home without my backpack, it has everything I need in it. And I never leave without my journal as well. That’s were I document my adventures. Its my goal to go to all the places in the universe and put them in my journal.


I’m a guy that likes to go places; I don’t like being cooped up in one place for too long. I always want to be doing something or going somewhere. I like to go and to read long books about places that have rare objects and weird things inside. I like watching adventure movies and playing adventure games.

I don’t like being told what to do, unless it’s a survival guide. And it’s annoying to me when people are too scared to go with me places. I don’t like people who can’t go far places without taking so many breaks. People slow me down, so that’s why I travel alone.

But I never give up, and I don’t like cowering. I like to get the job done and get the object i’m after. And I refuse to let someone else get the object before I do. But my favorite part is The felling of Adventure and not knowing what is going to happen next.



My backpack is one of the most important things to me. The special thing about this backpack is that whatever i think that's in the backpack, it comes out. Like if i need a sling shot, bow and arrow, food, anything. That's why it always has what i need. The only thing that doesn't come out is people.


My Journal is another important thing, its a magical journal that whenever i reach the end, it gets more pages. So that i have enough room to write about my adventures. And the weird thing about it is that it always is the same size no matter how many pages are in there.

Power Ups

My power-ups help me when i'm in trouble. I carry one of each power up always. The Fire Star, the Ice Star, the Water Star, and the Electro-star. I also have a flight cap and speed shoes. Though each power up fades when i use all its power. But i rarely use my power ups


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