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Full Name Adair
Current Age Unspecified
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) Soundwaves
First Appearance Shrines
Latest Appearance Hypnotic Shrines: Freaks of Nature
Adair is a character who makes his debut in Shrines. He later returns in the crossover, Hypnotic Shrines: Freaks of Nature. He also appears in Dimensional Destruction.



Adair is pretty cold, and doesn't like cooperating with others, as he believes that he always knows the best way forward. He hates it when other people interfere with his plans, and prefers to have full control over situations that involve him. However, when he knows this is an impossibility, he will try his best to do as he is told. 


Adair is a manipulator of sound waves and voice. He can mimic any noise he hears with ease, which makes it easy for him if he needs to lure anyone that he needs for his upcoming plans. He can also manipulate normal noises, for example he can make a bird's tweet sound like a lion's roar. This is a trait that his best friend knew inside and out, but since their death, he decided to dedicate his life to learning how to master their special power, as a living memory of his best friend's life.



Hypnotic Shrines: Freaks of Nature

Dimensional Destruction





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