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AdFinch are the makers of the game 'Professor Layton and the Midnight Ship'. They are releasing a console later in the year, but no information has been leaked. They are also part of a much larger company: AdFinch Entertainment. This company has three divisions: AdFinch Gaming, AdFinch Music, and AdFinch Film.


Their first game was 'Professor Layton and the Midnight Ship' . They stood in for Level-5 when the latter decided to cancel the game's release.


The 'Time Travel' Spin-Off Series

  • My Sims 2: Time Travel
  • An unnamed Professor Layton game (confirmed)
  • An unnamed Mario and Sonic at the Olympics game (confirmed)


AdFinch are releasing a console later in the year. All we know is that it will be a handheld device, said by some 'to rival the DS itself'.

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