This is the list of abilities and characteristics that the player can be used in the character creation in Action Universe: Super Corps / Nexus.


  • Human
  • Alien
  • Robot
  • Mutant


Fighting Type




  • Duplication (Offensive) - Duplicate yourself to attack the opponent. [Starting Ability]
  • Power Roulette - Summon a random abilities to attack opponents. [Starting Ability]
  • Power Boost - Increase the power of any of your abilities. [Level Up An Ability to the Maximum Level]
  • Power Up - Give superpowers to a random object temporarily. [Lv. 10 Alien]


  • Duplication (Defensive) - Duplicate yourself to dodge from an attack from the opponent. [Starting Ability]


  • Regenarative Healing - Able to heal faster than normally. [Lv. 5 Mutant]
  • Invisibility - Able to bypass opponents. [Lv. 10 Mutant]
  • Wallcrawling - Able to crawl walls to get to some locations faster. [Starting Ability]
  • Night Vision - Able to see in dark locations. [Starting Ability]
  • Power Detection - Able to see the opponent's powers. [Lv. 30 Mutant]

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