Action Universe is a superhero/supervillian MMO developed by Vector Gaming, Inc., Simple Studios and Dreams Inc. made for PC and Mac. In Action Universe, the player can take control of a hero (in Super Corps) or a villian (in Nexus) as both groups are fighting against each other. Super Corps, a group created by the goverment to control all superhero activity doesn't wants to see the heroes in a bad light and created all kinds of strict rules and Nexus, a group created by superheroes that rebelled against the Super Corps and eventually became villians.

Action Universe is a 3D third-person action adventure game as the player create their own hero or villian and solve tasks given by the higher ups of Super Corps or Nexus to gain new abilities and items. Action Universe's world features real-life locations alongside fictional locations based off locations from famous comic books, such as Prison Capitol (tentative title), based off Arkham City from the Batman comics.


The story of Action Universe begins in 1932, with the discovery of the first superhero Neo (Thomas Kenny), who was later discovered to be an alien living in between the humans. The revelation of Neo being an alien caused a civil war within America due the goverment wanting to kill Neo because he might be a threat to the planet while the population who were saved by Neo many times, the population started to rebel and the goverment counterattacked by shooting them. Neo goes batshit insane and starts killing both the population and the government agents and disappears after the end of the Civil War. Years later, other superhumans started to rise and the goverment started to use them and prevent another bad thing to happen, like how it happened to Neo, so they created Super Corps, a government group created to have control over superheroes and monitor their whereabouts. The plan works, for a few years, before a superhero starts rebelling against Super Corps because their strict rules and that they weren't allowed to kill supervillians, the superhero believed that killing them off would be an easier way to stop their damage. And so, the superhero was banned from Super Corps and went on to form Nexus, a group of superheroes that could do anything without having to deal with the Super Corps scrict rules. They go insane with the lack of control and start becoming supervillians. And so, the long war between Super Cops and Nexus begun.

Character Creation

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The character creation is one of the game's selling point, it has a deep character creation that involves race, abilities, design, backstory, alliance, advantages, disvantages, personality and many others.


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List of NPCs

Super Corps Members

Name Bio Appearance Purpose
Ken Stryker One of the mentors at the SCTA (Super Corps Training Academy). TBA Trains player on Strength-Based Attacks

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