Act I: Beginnings is the first act in the game, Legendary Fighter. It is the only act which contains only 4 modes - Tournament, Storyline fights, Duel, Survival.

Act I shows where Deepak comes to his Sensei and trains to fight the demons.

Modes of Play

Main Article: Modes of Play


The player must go through simple fights in 24 stages one by one with maximum of 3 rounds each and must win two rounds in each stage. Winning rewards the player with gold coins and XP.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Various(1-24) Various 50     40-960 Coins       -

Storyline Fights

Check: Elite for Elite and his bodyguards further information

Deepak have to defeat Elite and his 5 bodyguards to collect the red seal. Deepak fights them on the Leafy Tree-side at the morning.

Enemy Weapon Rewards
XP Normal Eclipse
Ron Two-Handed Shuriken 100    90  Coins     -
Charley Knives 100   400 Coins     -
Berna Sai 100   620 Coins     -
Power Pistol 100   890 Coins     -
Johnny Steel Batons 100   1500 Coins     -
Elite Swords with enchantments "Overheat"

+ Ability "Shock" (strikes the player one time which brokes their weapon)

500     5 Gems     Elite's Swords


Alia tells Deepak that he can earn money in Survival. This fight takes place in Garden. At the completion of round 10 the player is awarded the achievement Unleasher for the completion of Survival in Act 1.

Reward for completion of each round is:

  1. 30 coins
  2. 75 coins
  3. 120 coins
  4. 165 coins
  5. 210 coins
  6. 255 coins
  7. 300 coins
  8. 345 coins
  9. 420 coins
  10. 480 coins


Duels are unlocked after defeat of two bodyguards of Elite. It has a maximum of rounds in every try; two of which are required to win. Rewards are 2 tickets and small XP. It has altered rules and conditions. It are only available to fight in every 4 hours and need internet connection. It takes place in Forests.


See the dialogues of this act.

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