Acid Man
Acid Man Justedesserts
Amazing fan art by Justedesserts
Full Name Acid Man
Gender Male-Programming
Location Chemical Plant
(Basel, Switzerland)
Current Status Destroyed
Class Robot
Main Weapon(s) Acid Glob
First Appearance Mega Man K1
Latest Appearance Mega Man K1
Looks like you may have a tiny rust problem — I've got something that'll get that RIGHT out.
Acid Man

Acid Man Sprite

Enlarged sprite of Acid Man.

Acid Man

Original concept art of Acid Man.

Dr. Kojiro's 4th robot master, Acid Man was based on the theme of violent corrosion. He carries within his body highly corrosive acid that quickly eats away at metal. The acid is contained within glass as glass does not corrode when in contact with acid, but this glass is sheathed in metal armor plating due to its natural fragility, except the two acid-filled spheres used for his shoulders. Small read out gauges can be found to show the level of acid in his forearms, shins and head. His chest allows ventilation of toxic gases through two sets of vents. His head is designed to resemble an acid bucket carrying container.

His weapon, the Acid Glob, fires the corrosive acid he holds in a globule form, which arcs downwards slightly until it hits the ground where it will burst, spraying it all over for maximum hit chance.