Acid Flower
Acid FLower 2
Acid Flower's Appearance
Item Type Power-Up
Kind of Item Acid-Based

 The Acid Flower is a Power-Up in the Mario Series. It has two versions that differ in appearance and functionality.


There are two types of Acid Flowers, the Original Version and the New Version.

Original Version

The original version of the Acid Flower looks somewhat similar to the SMBW Fire Flower although is coloured a potent shade of green.

New Version

The New Version of the Acid Flower looks similar to the original version however has a more detailed design. It has four main petals instead of three as well as a yellow core. In addition it appears to have an Aqua and Purple pattern on its lower body, its Leaves also have Purple lumps on them, possibly Acid Sacks.


Depending on which version of the Acid Flower appears its functionality changes.

Original Version

You shoot acid balls and enemies they turn green and burn, it functions almost identically to Mario 's fire ball.

New Version

The New Version features a different main attack, instead of Mario shooting an Acidball, he shoots and acid jet, this jet can defeat some enemies but cannot damage shelled enemies like Koopa Troopas or Buzzy Beetles, in addition it can now destroy Brick Blocks. Furthermore Mario can now swim through Poisonous Water.