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Ace World Heroes
Developer(s) Blecki Hearts
Publisher(s) Blecki Hearts
Platform(s) eShop

Playstation 3 Network

Xbox Live Arcade

PC (via Steam)

Genre(s) Beat em' Up
Release Date(s)
October 11, 2013 (US)

October 23, 2013 (EU)

October 28, 2013 (JP)

Media Included Downloadable
Ace World Heroes is an upcoming Beat 'em Up being developed by Blecki Hearts for Wii U eShop, Playstation 3 Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Steam. The game is heavily inspired by classic Beat em' Ups, but the gameplay is much more modern.





Image Character Description Attacks Status
TBA Bryan Crescent
17-years old
Bryan is a teenage boy who is part of an American mafia family. Despite being part of the mafia, he doesn't approve of the illegal actions his family does (he loves to pick fights though), so he usually hangs out with his friends (Emi and ???). He was chosen by the ACA due to his nobility and strength. Bryan is the most balanced character in the game, making him a easy yet effective character to use. TBA Default
TBA Emi Johnson
17-years old
Emi is a teenage Japanese-American girl who likes Anime, Cartoons, Comic Books, Manga, Video Games, etc., making her an Otaku. Her mother is Japanese and her father is American, hence her name. She is also childhood friends with Bryan and ??? (though she is more close to Bryan), and she has been friends with them ever since. The ACA chose her for her energy and optimism. Emi is the fastest out all of the characters, in terms of speed and attack mobility, though she is not as powerful as the other characters. TBA Default







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