Ace Attorney: Objection Collection is a collection of the first 5 Ace Attorney games. It is for the Nintendo 3DS and is set to be released in the US and Japan in  Winter 2014. All games are now completely in 3D.



For the first time in the series, the Ace Attorney series have voices during in-game conversations. Kyle Hebert and Dave B. Mitchell don't return to voice Miles Edgeworth and the Judge; Liam O'Brien and Fred Tatasciore will take his place.

Main Characters

Character Voice Actor
Phoenix Wright Sam Riegel
Miles Edgeworth Liam O'Brien
Maya Fey Ashley Eckstein
Judge Fred Tatasciore
Apollo Justice Orion Acaba
Athena Cykes Wendee Lee
Pearl Fey Michelle Ruff
Trucy Wright Collen O'Shaughnessey
Dick Gumshoe Paul St. Peter
Larry Butz Roger Craig Smith
Franziska von Karma Laura Bailey
Godot Gregg Berger
Kristoph Gavin Billy Regan
Klavier Gavin Yuri Lowenthal
Simon Blackquill Troy Baker
Ema Skye Tiffany Vollmer
Winston Payne David Lodge
Gaspen Payne Vic Mignogna


Character Voice Actor
Frank Sahwit Lex Lang
Redd White Troy Baker
Dee Vasquez Nika Futterman
Yanni Yogi John DiMaggio
Manfred von Karma Mike Pollock
Matt Engarde Robin Atkin Downes
Dahlia Hawthorne Stephanie Sheh
Luke Atmey Dee Bradley Baker
Furio Tigre Nolan North
Daryan Crescend Quinton Flynn


Character Voice Actor
Will Powers Keith Silverstein
Max Galactica J.D. Cullum
Ron DeLite/Mask*DeMasque Yuri Lowenthal

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