The Abstractverse is a fictional universe originating with Abstracted Planet.



A major facet of the Abstractverse are the layers; layers are separate planes of reality which exist in the same physical space, but (in normal circumstances) can only view layers that are above them in the order.

Each layer has its own Abstract Energy, which can be used for specific purposes within those layers or also used as the catalyst for performing magic. The layers are watched over by the Authors, who live in the Last Layer.

First Layer

The First Layer is the layer in which, normal, everyday life occurs. Due to its position at the top of the order of layers, it exists mostly without knowledge of the other layers. It's Abstract Energy is Electricity.

Second Layer

The Second Layer is the source of most supernatural or mythical tales from the First Layer, in rare moments when the boundaries between layers were severed. It's Abstract Energy is Mana.

Third Layer

The Third Layer is the layer with the smallest population. It's Abstract Energy is Runes.

Last Layer

The Last Layer is the home of the Authors, the creators of the layers and controllers of the flow of each layer's abstract energy. These authors are ruled over by the Last Author, the creator of the Last Layer. The Abstract Energy of the Last Layer is the Layers themselves, which have yet to be harnessed for any purpose other than creating more (by the Authors).

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