Abstract Energy is the energy in the Abstractverse that is used as the catalyst for performing magic.


Each of the layers has their own form of Abstract Energy. While the existence of these energies are not specific to the layers, it is from those layers where all the energy originates and where it's use is most understood.


Electric Energy, or electricity, is the Abstract Energy of the First Layer. It focuses on the manipulation of the electric charge of matter, and is hence the most difficult energy to create and make use of. In the First Layer, electricity is produced through the use of generators and other machinery.


Mana is the Abstract Energy of the Second Layer. It is the least defined of the Energies, due to the Second Layer having the least developed society.


Runic Energy is the Abstract Energy of the Third Layer. Runic Energy is created and manipulated through the use of runes from the Runic Alphabet, specific symbols which can be written or constructed to have different effects on the Runic Energy.

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