Abomasnow is a Grass/Ice-type Pokémon. It is the evolved form of Snover. It appears as the sixth boss of the game RedYoshi's Universal Conquest. It is battled at the Frost Field Galaxy, in the missions "Abomasnow's Hide in the Winter Field Forest" and "Abomasnow's Winter Daredevil Run."


To the Galaxies

Abomasnow debuts outside of the Pokémon series in the game RedYoshi's Universal Conquest. It is found at the end of the tree maze in Frost Field Galaxy's forest planet. Abomasnow is found sleeping, so RedYoshi must ground-pound or Star Spin its back to wake it up. When Abomasnow awakens, it becomes seriously angry. It starts throwing ice balls at RedYoshi. After another set of ice balls, Abomansnow releases ice disks (possibly the Pokémon move Ice Shard) that follow RedYoshi around. This makes the Pokémon tired, so RedYoshi must lead the ice disks into attacking Abomasnow's back (or side) to inflict damage. This process must be repeated two more times to defeat Abomasnow. After the second hit, Abomasnow will summon three Snover for help. RedYoshi can defeat the Snover by stunninng them with a Star Spin, then jumping on their heads. Abomasnow will not use Ice Shard until all the Snover are defeated, but will continue to throw ice balls at RedYoshi. After the Snover are gone, Abomasnow will get in close to RedYoshi and start throwing Ice Punches at him. This move can be dodged by simply running behind the Pokémon. Then Abomasnow will finally use Ice Shard, but it will not get tired. Instead, it will continue throwing ice balls at RedYoshi.

When a Daredevil Comet orbits the Frost Field Galaxy, RedYoshi must battle Abomasnow again, but with one point of health. The same tactic must be used again to defeat the Frost Tree Pokémon.


  • Abomasnow is the first Pokémon boss to be battled in RedYoshi's Universal Conquest.

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