<Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel
The Able Sisters clothe the battle! As if The Ice Climbers weren't tricky enough, now there's a TRIO?!?! Well, these guys are very tricky, if all together, they are one of the strongest characters in the game, and they're also very speedy!


B: Clothes Throw: All 3 sisters will throw a shirt that if you get caught in it it will do great damage!
Side B: Hammer Wack: All 3 sisters will wack their hammer and anyone who hits one will take big damage.
Up B: Fishing Rod: All of the Able Sisters will have a fishing rod go forward and if one sister latches on, the others will teleport to her if they are pretty close.
Down B: Megaphone: Mable will pull out a Megaphone and call for her sisters. If they are on ground or close to it, they will come running to Mable and slam their hammers upward.
Final Smash: Shampoodle: Harriet will appear and her hair machine will trap an opponent if front of her. after the machine finishes, you will see your hair is very funky and there are scorpions in it, that keep biting at you until after 15 seconds or if you run fast enough.

Pallette Swaps

Blue, Brown ,and Purple: All based off their normal appearence
Yellow, Purple ,and Pink: Mable is based off Isabelle. Sable is based off Phyllis. And Labelle is based off Harriet
Blue, Green, and Black and White: Mable is based off Katrina. Sable is based off Brewster. And Labelle is based off Kicks.
White, Yellow and Brown, and Brown: Mable is based off K.K. Sable is based off Gracie. And Labelle is based off Tom Nook.

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